Looking at Mad Zach's 'Fortress' Remix EPLooking at Mad Zach's 'Fortress' Remix EP
Harry Taylor

Mad Zach & Plasma Audio have employed a whole roaster of heavy hitter producers for this remix EP, with the likes of Dub Phizix, Hybris, Safire, yunis & Chee all contributing to a substantial release.

Looking back at VALE's fall singlesLooking back at VALE's fall singles
Pierre Collie

VALE is the home for expressive and innovative bass music, growing as a trademark for quality Electronica, from House to Garage, Drum & Bass to Halftime. The label released 5 singles back in fall, furthering the diverse palette we all love VALE for.

Dusty Ohms' Waves From Within EPDusty Ohms' Waves From Within EP
Harry Taylor

This new offering, ‘Waves from Within’ is a fantastic piece of work showcasing his ability to mix raw Hip Hop elements with the sludgy, murky side of Halftime/Beats music which we absolutely love.

Let’s talk about Result’s Manticore EP on VALELet’s talk about Result’s Manticore EP on VALE
Andrew Murphy

The guys at VALE never cease to amaze me. Never sticking to one genre and always working to push the next wave of artists into the spotlight is something they continue to do release after release. Returning this time they bring us the ‘Manticore’ EP by the mighty Result.

A conversation with Anthony BaldinoA conversation with Anthony Baldino
Matthew Smith

Born and raised in New York, Anthony Baldino is an LA-based composer and sound designer whose work spans an enormous range of production avenues.

Frequent’s mindbending new single ‘Grass Rat’Frequent’s mindbending new single ‘Grass Rat’
Kieran May

Upscale’s Frequent has been putting out some serious weight this year with tracks such as ‘Tension Coil, ‘The Goop’ and more recently ‘Forest Fires’ which was covered last month by one of our own.

Aagentah gets dark & deep on his MethLab debutAagentah gets dark & deep on his MethLab debut
Andrew Murphy

MethLab Recordings are known for releasing some of the most intricately designed and forward thinking bass music in the scene, and their latest instalment in the INTEGRAL AESTHETICS series sticks to that.

Subsequence and His Sophmore Release, Freak(uency)Subsequence and His Sophmore Release, Freak(uency)
Geoffrey Carter

Subseqence is the name Brian Rothstein gives to his fast growing project of what he calls an “immersive, sub driven, synthetic energy exchange.” Utilising his skills as a multi-instrumentalist to incorporate an organic feel, he seamlessly blends this concept into the realm of electronic music.

Let's look at Bolten M's 'El Heredero EP' on RenrakuLet's look at Bolten M's 'El Heredero EP' on Renraku
Harry Taylor

Renraku has been synonymous with intelligent-design beat music since the very start, and their latest 11 track offering from Bolten M really affirms that.

Catch up with yunisCatch up with yunis
Dan Jones

With features on SATURATE, collaborations with Mad Zach, starting an audio company, and lest we forget his incredible 'Depth EP' on MethLab, the work rate that yunis displays is unquestionable.

Let's discuss Abstract Elements' Tenderness EP on MethLabLet's discuss Abstract Elements' Tenderness EP on MethLab
Pierre Collie

Russian Drum and Bass duo, Abstract Elements (Bop and Diagram) contribute their first EP to MethLab. They bring forth 4 tracks that all fall under a fresh Drum and Bass mantle, neatly fit in what they would like to call Buckweath Funk (ГРЕЧАФАНК): a dark left field relative of Neurofunk.

Frequent & Hudson Lee engulf listeners with 'Forest Fires'Frequent & Hudson Lee engulf listeners with 'Forest Fires'

Frequent and Hudson Lee are among two of the most technical producers heading out the scene currently. The duo released their innovative track entitled ‘Windows’ earlier this year which left many begging for more.

Hypho on Manuka, the 'Encoded EP', and plans for the future Hypho on Manuka, the 'Encoded EP', and plans for the future
Dan Jones

A man who has been pushing a unique sound in Manchester for some years. When discussing forward-thinking bass music, Hypho is certainly a name to mention. We had a catch up about the year he's had, and delve into his backstory and plans for the future.

Malakai’s ‘Odd Views’ EP on The Rust MusicMalakai’s ‘Odd Views’ EP on The Rust Music
Kieran May

More than two years after first releasing with The Rust Music, Malakai is back on the label to show off his ‘Odd Views’ EP, which features two collaborations from Denver based producers pheel, Thought Process, and with cuts from Bogtrotter.

A word with MVRKA word with MVRK
Dan Jones

We had a word with MVRK about his 'Warp Speed' EP on Vandal Records, and his plans for the future.

Anthony Baldino’s 'Twelve Twenty Two' LPAnthony Baldino’s 'Twelve Twenty Two' LP
Andrew Murphy

Tasteful and incredibly detailed, 'Twelve Twenty Two' bridges the gap between sound-design laden beats, cinematic motifs, and other experimental genres of dance music.

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