A catch up with GEMOA catch up with GEMO

A catch up with GEMO

Manchester based producer GEMO has a style to take note of. We had a catch up to talk about his latest productions & plans for the future.

What’s good mate! Tell us a bit about yourself, who is GEMO?

“I started producing in 2008 when i was about 13. My weapon of choice is FL Studio, I like reece basses, cups of tea and long walks on the beach. My favourite Rizla are the Microns and I don't like people that add me on Facebook and then immediately send me an event or page request! “

It’s nice to see some other beats producers from Manchester, we are a rare breed (haha), do you play shows, if so have you played many shows in the north-west?

“Haha, DJ'ing is something I've not focused on as much as others and still need to devote some time to practice on. I've had some pretty humbling offers in the past but right now i'm still getting to grips with it. I think naturally as a creative person i want to bring something interesting to my sets and so i really want to put the effort in to learn as many techniques and tricks as possible before getting out there.“

I see you and DFNKT are cooking up some more madness, any info you can share with us?

“LOL yeah we got a bit silly with this new one! Working with DFNKT is always a lot of fun. I think our styles compliment each other well and im always confident with what we create! The track is set for release next month as part of an exciting compilation alongside a bunch of other very talented producers. I'm looking forward to seeing how the track is received!“

Your current 5 favourite tracks.

"Hmm off the top of my head and in no order I'd say:"

  • - Shades - Sickle
  • - TMSV - Funeral Bill
  • - Iglooghost - Clear Tamei
  • - Reso - Slow Lung
  • - Phuture T - The Fugitive Drummer
  • - Any plans for the future?
  • - “A much needed holiday! More collaborations and maybe a GEMO EP finally!“
Dan Jones(Aagentah)

Founder of Rendah. Developing in Javascript & producing in Ableton, constantly looking for new ways to bring exposure to the scene.