A chat with Corrupted about Audio Visual & MusicA chat with Corrupted about Audio Visual & Music

A chat with Corrupted about Audio Visual & Music

We spoke with Corrupted to find out more about the man behind the music. He kindly shared some insights to his background, his recent AV project and some things to look for in the future

Yo man hope you're all well give us a nice description of yourself and your alias 'Corrupted ' for those who don't know?

“My name is Youniss. I’m a 23 year old graphic & motion design student based in Antwerp Belgium. In my spare time I dabble in music production under the alias Corrupted and have been doing so for the past 6ish years. I’ve travelled many genres, mostly residing in bass music and am usually hard to pin down, but there’s always an undertone of halftime/hip hop in my sound.“

So you're currently working on a AV project, tell us about the concept and idea behind this?

“So i’ve always wanted to do something more than just be a DJ. Seeing as i’m not a traditional musician I never really figured how to do the whole live thing (until now) so I decided I’d use my other skills as a graphic designer to bring something special to the playing field.“

“As I needed a graduation project this was the ideal moment to get on it and I severely underestimated the challenges it would bring with it. None the less, after a good 5 months of working on it nearly full time I am happy with the result.“

“The general concept was to translate the emotion in my music to something visible and more relatable. Most people know me for my club tracks, but those are not even 1/4th of the music I actually make which translates stuff I have experienced in my life to sound. That’s why it’s called “delusion”. You see things which reside in my head, how I experienced them. A delusionary sense of what’s actually out there.“

“I just wanna take people on a feels trip through my surrealistic and often absurd mind and I figured “delusion” would be a great starting point for now. We’ll see how it evolves!“

When is the AV show going to be shown, is it just one show or are you touring it? If so where?

“Currently I’m launching the project in full in Antwerp on the 15th of june. I had the luck of finding great partner in “Soulsupply” who believed in my vision and helped me pin down “De Studio” as a venue. Which houses a beautiful and great hall, usually used for plays but also for concerts of relatively bigger artists. I’m working on making more shows happen after this, but I feel as if people need to see it first. So hopefully I’ll be able to take it on tour to places in Belgium and Europe soon. (So yeah promoters drop me a message ;))“

When did you get into music production, tell us a little about your path to here?

“Well I remember accidentally fucking around with DJing when I got virtual DJ. I was actually looking into making music but I ended up DJing with that first before I got my hands on FL studio in 2012.“

“I used to really hate electronic music, I listened to a lot of rock/metal music from 12-14. I thought electronic music had no place outside of video games. When I enrolled into art school a lot of my friends who were into the same kind of music also went to dnb and dubstep raves. They showed me some dnb and it took a while but the fast pace grew on me and as such began my journey into electronic music. “

“I’ve always journeyed from genre to genre in my teenage years and I feel as if i’m doing the same now again with my production. From 2012-2016 on i’ve produced around the spectrum of dnb, then going into hip hop, beats and more experimental stuff. Now I’m not even really sure where I’m at. I’ve been writing stuff at whatever BPM in whatever style but it all seems to fit and make sense so I’m quite happy I’m at that level now.“

You just put out a new studio mix on Halogen Music. Tell us about that and how you came to curate it?

“When I’m bored I always start digging for new music that could inspire me and when I have enough of those I try and put an inspiration mix together. I tend to go very broad genre wise, dip to music really old or fresh and unreleased. “

“The mix for halogen was a mix I’d been working on on the off for about 3 months. There were always some bits missing that I eventually got introduced to by someone and in my head it suddenly “made sense” to put that there. “

“Belgian producer UNOS showed me some stuff by Joe and got me into the Hessle audio back catalog, which is how I found clap trap and how that bit of my mix connected from the more 130bpm stuff up to the new age 140 things.“

“It’s probably my favorite mix I’ve ever done as it showcases a very broad range of my taste. I’m not a 100% satisfied with it but hey, maybe next year I’ll make a better one that takes 6 months to come together. “

What other project & music can we look forward to hearing from you?

“I’ve recently finished some music for the MAS museum in Antwerp. That was a big thing, loved working on it. Made me tackle music in a different way. Then there’s my EP on Halogen, my track on Space Pirate Recordings and that’s it for now. “

“I have a lot of music I gotta get finished (Sorry everyone who I started a collab with over the last year or so) so I’m gonna get to that and then evaluate where to take my career / sound / self next.“

Anything else you want to add…

“Stay woke, hydrated & gully.“

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