A glimpse into Halogenix's Deep News EPA glimpse into Halogenix's Deep News EP

A glimpse into Halogenix's Deep News EP

Deep News is a showcase. Even though Halogenix has nothing to prove, he already convinced me of his unique approach to liquid with tracks like Soulide, Cliche and Beyond the Bounds.

His first EP after departing Ivy Lab is a collection of the different soundscapes the London based bassboy has explored and made his own.

Usually I'm not a fan of liquid. It's a tad too soft for me. Great forgetting in the zone, but my mind is a mind that wanders, and takes me out of that zone quite quickly. Halogenix's sound however, adds a slight crunch. It gets in my head a bit quicker than other liquid. His affinity for combining acoustic sounds, noisy swooshes and intimidating synths makes him my go to artist if I feel like liquid, seconded by Alix Perez. Now, I've got seven tracks to go through with the Deep News EP, and only three of the track on their I'd classify as liquid. The others... well let's just get in to it, shall we?

Future Flow

The EP opens punchy and hard. Future Flow's main perc sounds like you're blowing in a glass bottle that gradually empties, explodes after every puff, then refills in time for the next chorus to commence. Stressed vibes on this one. Neuro like reeces are supported by distorted ambient squeals. The variations with the main sound keep it interesting. The panning is all over the place, and even though the same variation of processing returns, it stays fresh. I especially like the use of 'silence' in this track. Not many people realise this, but silence is actually the most important part of music. Halogenix is one of not many.


Embers' intro is contrast. The opening gives some time to get used to the main soundscape before surprising you with a particularly gritty bass. This is the crunch I mentioned in the introduction to this article. This is liquid I enjoy. Nothing in life is always soft. Everything has hard edges, and this track combines a smooth, neon atmosphere whilst showing there´s also another, rougher side.

Only Ever Kind

Only Ever Kind has the ´boxiest´ organic kick I´ve heard in a long time. But to me the show stealer is the magnificent use of the acoustic double bass. Smooth vocals, mellow keys and a sharp, rising synth fill up the musical spectrum. Again some contrast, but less so than with Embers. This one raised my neck hairs a little.

Deep News

But oh damn. Deep News, eh! This halftime track is the clearest story telling track of the album for me. I can hear paranoia. I can hear concealment. I can hear messages being deformed. I absolutely love the hats that are mixed in the sides. The main synth bleep is a cynical one. I realise the non-musical terms I'm using to describe this. But it touched me... It got me... I get it... Deep New makes me uncertain, and I bow for it. It's not my favourite on the EP, but a very, very close second.

Blej VIP

Blej VIP is my favourite. Crackles and crumbles authentically change into noise, and then, before you know it you're blasted by futuristic whomps, an extremely interestingly processed kick and a powerful, torso pushing reece. Halfway through the track, anauthentic, 90's sounding synth changes the vibe from rough to touching. It regains melancholy, while the punchy percussion retains strength. Atmospheric halftime at it's finest.


To be honest, Bitter doesn't really do it for me, especially compared to the rest. It has soothing vocals, a very nice rumbly bass accompanied by a smooth sub, but of the three liquid tracks, the others being Only Ever Kind and Embers, this one gets the smallest piece of cake. It could be the fulfilment of the other tracks that takes a bit away from this. It's a solid production never-the-less.


Raeph is weird and I love it. It doesn't hit as hard as the Blej VIP but it's bass as well as it's bleeps are way more interesting, I'll give it that. During the track the bass receives it's well-deserved crunch before soothing off again, giving space to the noise-y transitions I'm used to from Halogenix. It's second drop is beautifully composed though. I can't really stop stating the interesting soundscapes that are being explored. Separately I'd have never imagined these sounds working together. Halogenix makes them work. My third favourite.

All in all, a very impressive variety of tracks. Separately the tracks prove their production quality and Halogenix's musicality one by one. The halftime tracks are definitely my favourite, They keep me interested, whilst the liquid tracks make my mind sometimes wander, which serves it's own purpose.

Hajo Krijger(Jomi.rar)

Ever studying the language of music and the music of language.