A look at Vhsceral's 'Living On Europa' EPA look at Vhsceral's 'Living On Europa' EP

A look at Vhsceral's 'Living On Europa' EP

Vhsceral is back with another masterpiece on Renraku, The 7 track EP combines his popular distorted lo-fi sound with some incredibly wonky synth-work. Our very own Rosh Parmar shares his analogy of the release.

Tell Yourself

Vhsceral’s take on house. This one’s slow and thumpy. It starts off with distant synths, as if standing outside a club. Then it drops into a sub ridden groove that’s coupled with layers of white noise, giving the track a lo-fi house feel. Vhsceral expanding his sonic horizons. The second drop comes in full force too, providing lots of funky rhythms and more sub annihilation.


A sublime example of screwface bass business. This one has a Carmack/Tsuruda vibe. It’s an after hours tune, something that should be reserved for the early hours of the morning. Spacey atmospheres and low rumbling basses is what this track does best, one of the best on the EP.


This tune makes me feel like I’m falling down a hole. The descending synth hits slide along the weighty bass to create yet another banger.

Thinking Cap

Following the lo-fi aesthetic, Vhsceral brings the halftime business. The buildup is especially creative on this track with the footwork-ey vibes. Sounds like sinister Grimes. This tune features more Dilla-esque drum work and syncopated percussion lines. If I had three words to describe this tune it would we ‘low-key banger’. Can also see Ivy Lab rinsing this one.


My least favourite personally. but amazing production nonetheless. There’s quite a lot textually going on in this tune meaning it’s somewhat hard to listen to on headphones. No doubt it will be locking off shows live.

Tallon IV

Ill halftime banger once again. Vhscrl scatters short stabby machine noises, that sound like the ones you’d hear in Blade Runner, to create a ‘sci fi’ banger. It could be in an art-house dystopian gangster film. The second drop is the highlight of this track, juxtaposing the reserved 1st drop. It rolls in with metallic synth line that would get a rewind in any club.


Sounds like something Brockhampton or Tyler could rap over. Another low-key banger and again nice to see Vhsceral expanding his ‘sound’.

Rosh Parmar(Kyra)

UK based beat maker.