Aagentah gets dark & deep on his MethLab debutAagentah gets dark & deep on his MethLab debut

Aagentah gets dark & deep on his MethLab debut

MethLab Recordings are known for releasing some of the most intricately designed and forward thinking bass music in the scene, and their latest instalment in the INTEGRAL AESTHETICS series sticks to that.

Aagentah’s ‘Vask’ EP brings us 5 tracks that showcase the Manchester based producer pushing his sound to new heights and taking a more experimental approach. Having already made a name for himself with releases on labels such as SATURATE!, VALE, and RAM Records, he takes us on a new and much more journey with his latest body of work. Let’s begin…

Starting the EP off we have Taranis

This one immediately lets you know what we are in store for with this EP. The track grabs you right from the start with a very eerie and ambient intro that features some very nice vocal swells. Once the drop kicks in, his impressive drum work and percussion really shine. This has all been laid in between a deep bassline and some very nice and intricate fx work that takes you into the dark world Aagentah has created. The sound design on this track blew me away. He made all the elements in the track almost talk with each other in a way and go back and forth flawlessly.

Next up we have the title track Vask

We begin this track with an intro that would fit perfectly into a sci-fi movie with its ambient textures and the fx layered throughout it that help build the tension. Aagentah showcases more of his impressive drum work in this one. It's more minimal with a kick on the down beat and a repetitive yet catchy snare pattern. We also are greeted with a rising reese synth that makes it way throughout the majority of the tune. The block-like snare in this tune is a personal favorite of mine on the EP and it fits so well next to the rest of the elements. The attention to detail on this one as well blew me away with all the tiny little sounds that he placed in the back. It really brings you into the track and I seem to notice a new one every time I listen.

Coming in next we have Alpha & Omega

Beginning this track in a similar fashion as the last two with very spacious pads and dark synths, Aagentah comes in hot on this one with a nice broken broken drum groove that sits atop a swelling reese bassline. The snare in this tune is another favorite of mine from the EP as well (let’s be honest, they are all good) and I love the clickiness of it. Once we reach the halfway point, he begins to speed up the kicks and switches things up to a nice and groovy 4 to the floor kick pattern (I love when people do this) and brings the reese back in to keep the intensity at its peak.

The fourth track is titled Au Citizen

Starting the track off with some ambient vocal samples and low passed drums/basses, we quickly get into the action on this one. Aagentah kicks up the intensity of the EP here and brings in a very catchy and broken drum pattern that sits perfectly in between the basses and his intricate percussive work. The atmosphere and environment he creates on this tune makes me feel as if I’m in a car chase in a cyberpunk movie. One thing I really liked here was how he went back and forth with the snare being more direct and forward in the mix and then having sit back more at parts. Really nice touch. Giving us a small break from the insanity around 2:11, Aagentah takes us right back into the action before finishing out the track with the main bass being warped and delayed.

The final track on the EP is Deimos

This track is my personal favorite on the whole project. Opening with some nice and spacious chords and a great vocal sample that grab you and bring you into this wonderfully crafted tune. The drums come in knocking with a huge kick and a very airy and clicky snare that are accompanied by some nice percussion. The chords and lead through the track play very well off of each other and encapsulate you in this environment that feels like organic sounds and synths talking to one another. The hip hop vocals scattered throughout the track were a very nice touch too. This one is hard to put into words.

This whole EP showcases some of the best work Aagentah has put out in his career and shows that he isn’t afraid to push his sound into new venues and keep exploring. Keep an eye on him in 2020 and make sure you grab this EP over on the MethLab Bandcamp!

Andrew Murphy

NY based Artist manager dedicated to pushing underground bass music.