A word with Ankou & Nevaeh on their latest SingleA word with Ankou & Nevaeh on their latest Single

A word with Ankou & Nevaeh on their latest Single

Hailing from Poland, our next Premiere brings an immersive journey from Ankou & Nevaeh, titled 'Out Of Body Experience'.

Hi guys, glad we could do this. So how did you both meet?

Ankou: We met 4 or 5 years ago at a New Year's Eve party. We were going to the same high school (Nevaeh is 2 years older) and we had some mutual friends. At a party, I met Bartek in a basement where we were throwing axes, because we were drunk. Then we started talking about music and found out that we're both producers.

Really enjoying 'Out Of Body Experience', what was the motivation behind this track, and how did you both approach making it?

Ankou: We're good friends and we've tried to collaborate for a while. We have been hanging out together for so long that we decided that it's time to finally make a track together. We wanted to combine our styles, my heavy sound design with Nevaeh's melodic and atmospheric vibe. That's how we came up with "Out Of Body Experience".

Nevaeh: Thank you so much! I think it came out very naturally, after a years of friendship. I started project in FL Studio and sent to him with a message like ''yeah man it's time to to this together''. It's a combination of 2 differents styles, my cloudy atmospheric vibe and Ankou sound design and powerful vibe.

What kinds of tools/software did you utilize for the track?

Ankou: Nevaeh works on FL Studio and I'm using Ableton so we had a dilemma about the DAW but we decided to work on my macbook. We used mostly Ableton's stock plugins and some external ones such as Serum, Valhalla Shimmer or FabFilter bundle

Nevaeh: We actually use similar equipment. I mean we work on YAMAHA's HS7 but we use different DAW's (the war continues). Ankou really wanted to do this on his Ableton so he brought round his macbook a bunch of times. For the most part, the 'Out of Body Experience' song is a ton of resampling. We used to have these mostly stocked plugins.

Will we be hearing any more Ankou x Nevaeh in the future?

Ankou: Definitely! We're both very excited about this release and we are obviously keen to collaborate again.

Nevaeh: Of course! It was a nice experience. Maybe it will be Ankou x Nevaeh EP? Who knows haha!

Dan Jones(Aagentah)

Founder of Rendah. Developing in Javascript & producing in Ableton, constantly looking for new ways to bring exposure to the scene.