Catch up with Bengal SoundCatch up with Bengal Sound

Catch up with Bengal Sound

With just 3 years in the game, Bengal Sound has been putting his sound to use across multiple concepts. With his recent release on Innamind Recordings, and pushing the 'Culture Clash' concept, we had a quick catch up to get some more info on his previous work, and plans for the future.

Hey man, glad we could do this. Tell us about yourself, how long have you been in the game?

Likewise man, thanks for reaching out. I’ve been making music for a while now but as Bengal Sound it has been 3 years.

That's cool, is Bengal Sound your first proper alias, or was there anything previously?

When I started to take things seriously Bengal Sound felt right. I was attending quite a few reggae and dub nights when I first moved to Bristol so part of the name "sound" comes from sound system culture and "Bengal" is attached to my background. Yeah there were other names  in the past that were a bit cringe haha. But I think it was just the growth prior to where I am now.

Really enjoying your Innamind Recordings release right now. What was the inspiration behind this?

I’m glad you’re feeling it. I tend to create ideas that’s heavily sampled-based. It just depends on how my mood is at the time. But yeah I don’t know to be honest it’s quite random how I work haha. I remember just having Griselda and Roc Marciano on repeat at the time. One thing I do recognise is that this release is much closer to the dingy stuff I do compared to the culture clash stuff. But definitely fitting for Innamind’s image. Shouts out to Kursk.

Tell us more about Culture Clash, such a dope concept.

Culture Clash is a melting pot filled with Bollywood/Lollywood and electronic music. It’s a project that was originally a uni assignment that turned into something more personal. It’s just a way for me to express my heritage in art form. Nothing too complicated and over thought. I was constantly collecting records and sounds predominantly South Asian based from wherever I could find them which can be heard in the last two projects.

Very unique, do you plan to carry this on?

Yup, I’m far from finished with it.

What kinds of tools/software are you playing with to make your music?

So I’m currently rocking Ableton Live, a Turntable and an MPC.

A turntable? I'm intrigued... is this for resampling?

Exactly that. It has a vital role in my process. I never limit myself to the way I sample sounds because I do use other sources for sampling too. I like the whole hands on aspect of it. You can really feel and take your time with the music you are listening to.

Any artists inspiring you right now?

Inspiration is always changing for me but at this moment my friends that I used to live with in Bristol, the guys over at Bandulu, Griselda Records, Onra and Madlib. I’m also taking inspiration from a couple of classic Bollywood music directors and singers.

What do you have in store for 2020, any plans

Next up will be my debut tour in North America with Innamind (Kursk & Ago) this month, and I’m slowly gathering more material for some other releases with labels.

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