Catching up with FRQ NCY at his end of the spectrumCatching up with FRQ NCY at his end of the spectrum

Catching up with FRQ NCY at his end of the spectrum

One man making definite moves within the halftime scene this year. We had a chat with FRQ NCY to get some info on his recent releases & favourite beats.

Tell us a bit about yourself, how long have you been producing? what’s your background?

“I've been producing around 6 years now. When I was younger I started playing drums and was addicted immediately. The same thing happened when my friend introduced me to FL studio, although I use Ableton now.“

You recently released an EP on Sound Museum, you have quite a distinct sound, what kind of synthesizers & techniques do you use in your process?

“I use Serum ALL the time. I've used it since it's been released and just stuck to it as my main plugin. I also have my analog 0-coast, which I'll sample and use in almost all of my tunes. Other than that sine compression has been something I've used a lot lately. Frequent has an awesome video about that on YouTube. I think Jade Cicada also has one.“

Your current top 3 favourite halftime tracks?

  • - Noisia - Exavolt
  • - Chee - Eddy Morphine
  • - Dayle - U Do With

Anything coming up that you can share with us?

“Playing The Untz Festival on June 2nd, Wormhole in Oakland June 6th, and Paris Theatre in Portland June 7th!“

Dan Jones(Aagentah)

Founder of Rendah. Developing in Javascript & producing in Ableton, constantly looking for new ways to bring exposure to the scene.