A glance at Chin Music’s Debut LPA glance at Chin Music’s Debut LP

A glance at Chin Music’s Debut LP

With a clean, minimalistic, and all-around impressive look, Chin Music is born. It’s the name of Scotty Wolfe’s exciting new label which is starting things off strong with this compilation album entitled Chin Check Vol 1.

With three years of label management under his belt with Rock Bottom Records, this undertaking has always been Scotty’s passion project and initiative with goals to run a label for the artists by the artists and really highlight the talent of the up and comers. At 11 tracks deep, this massive LP is definitely worth the listen as it’s filled with artists of unique styles in the bass music scene such as bd hbt, episcool, Solarious and Nodsy to name a few. Every track fully delivers bass fueled, head bobbing madness and never fails to impress all the way through.

This album is described as organic, off-centred, tasteful and gangster which I couldn't agree more with. The styles range from hip-hop, breakbeat and drum n bass but flow every so effortlessly in this solid first label release. I absolutely love how different a lot of these tunes feel from one another. Some are gritty and dark, but others are smooth and deep. For example, the track Industry Plant by Griiimace is chock full of gnarly distorted basslines and headbanging grooves but it follows a flowy DnB number by Nodsy which is a fresh break from the madness while retaining the similar energy.

A standout track for me is the tune titled Absolute |Unit| by Chef Boyarbeatz who is most definitely an artist to look out for in the future following this release. I love the hip hop feel in the drums through the majority of this tune mixed with classic amen style breaks thrown in between. This track feels really good and flows so nicely with it’s broken beat vibe and atmospheric breakdowns.

Another track that really got my attention was the track by up and comer Bare Roots called Hallow. This DnB tune is nothing short of incredible. It’s dark and spooky atmospheres and minimalistic but hype drums really drive it forwards. Bare Roots is definitely one to look out for in the future with this track really setting the tone for great things to come.

As you could probably tell, Chin Music is up to some big things in the future with this first release being so well rounded. So keep your eyes and ears out for them in the future and we’ll be hearing from them.

Grab the whole release here.

Geoffrey Carter(G-Odyssey)

Writer at Rendah Mag