Delta9 come through with the 'Skull Breakers VA'Delta9 come through with the 'Skull Breakers VA'

Delta9 come through with the 'Skull Breakers VA'

Delta 9 Recordings gathered some bangers for a VA compilation that will make fans of Neurofunk rejoice. The label has been very engaged in increasing the presence of the creative, techy and heavy spectrum of Drum and Bass all around Europe.

This VA isn't the labels first, but this series is an ode to the signature energetic vibe of neurofunk, let's get into it.

Double Helix - Something Dangerous

Austrian Neurofunk smith, Double Helix bounces the compilation right off with a modern Neuro-banger. The intro sets ground for an energetic track and hints to a swung and even triplet rhythm. The drop feels very funky and offbeat, conveying what this compilation is about: Dancefloor Energy. The slung beat solidifies into a more triplet groove with a cheeky arpeggio joining the tune. The rest of the track, even the track as  a whole, is straight to business. The second drop strips back some elements to add variety. Granted, it doesn't need more than that to work!

Kodin - Mine

Kodin shouldn't be a stranger to Neurofunk fans. The Croatian artist released works on countless Neuro-minded labels, such as Eatbrain and Bad Taste. With 'Mine' he merges some classic Neurofunk elements and puts them into a modern outfit. The intro starts atmospheric, sketchy a futuristic vibe. Searing stabs pump up the energy leading to a very interesting drop.

The rhythm feels a bit confusing at start (not sure if the kick or snare starts the loop) but gets head-bobbing the next moment. The track changes gradually over time but the second drop doesn't add much new, alas. Still, Kodin achieved to make a very fresh and punishing track for this compilation!

Disprove - Get Some

Italy’s Neuro producer Disprove needs barely any introduction for this generation of Neurofunk fans. This track starts off promising with a menacing atmosphere and gnarly synths. As the groove comes in, it’s clear that this track will be a triplet groove roller. In my honest opinion a bit overdone, although I have to give Disprove some credit. The bassline in the drop has a cool vibe to it and the fills are well executed. The grooves is kept steady during the track, but elements swap in and out to ensure variety. But to be fair: The lead on top of the drop feels a bit tacky compared to the other elements. 

Ephyum - Perpetual

Ephyum is also native to Italy and seems quite promising, with releases on Close 2 Death, Red Light Recordings and Citrus Recordings. The lush intro sounds very reminiscent of the aforementioned labels’ taste, the intro drums are fat and gritty in contrast. The drop delivers a nice contrast with the brassy sounding lead (unconventional but fits sublimely) and the monstrous bassline which can remind of the one in Oh Oh by Noisia. The detuned and drunk sounding bass fills after every so much bars are awesome. Overall, this track has a lot of energy and funk, making it an instant Neurofunk banger. Hopefully, this tune will be rinsed a lot on the dancefloor.

Akrom - Mamba

Another Italian Neuro act on the compilation, Akrom has proven himself on labels like Cause 4 Concern, Red Light Recordings and Kosen Productions. Mamba starts quite synthwavy, proving that there must be a correlation between fans of Bladerunner and Neurofunk. A nicely introduced arp warns the listener for the incoming carnage. until the buildup breaks down in a banging drop. The bassline is a great hook and all elements add to the punch. The lead on top only furthers the energy. The drop then builds up again after a fair amount of bars, just to keep the momentum ever so high. Again another very frantic and groovy banger on this compilation.

Pierre Collie(Poztman)

Pierre Collie/Poztman is a producer from Bruges, interested in the weird and innovative scope of electronic music.