Division release a game for Humanoid 2.0Division release a game for Humanoid 2.0

Division release a game for Humanoid 2.0

As if the track itself wasn’t crazy enough, Noisia’s Division records just released Humanoid 2.0 the game.

Eprom & ZEKE BEATS recently released their track, Humanoid 2.0. The track has been in circulation in DJ sets for a long time now and it’s amazing that the track has finally been released.

Eprom & ZEKE BEATS explained their creative process on this track and also shed light on the fact that the track had actually been started a number of years back.

Anyway, only a week or so prior to it’s release, it seems Division has another treat for us. The Humanoid 2.0 game is now available to play on their website.

Highest score gets a free copy of Humanoid 2.0 on vinyl.- Division Recordings

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