Dreamers Recordings & insights into the Italian D&B sceneDreamers Recordings & insights into the Italian D&B scene

Dreamers Recordings & insights into the Italian D&B scene

The Dreamers Recordings Italy’s finest cutting edge dnb label come from Turin were they have been organising events for the past 14 years.

Yes Neve big up, when did you decide to start the label?

“I decided to start the label 3 years ago, after years of releasing on label’s that i felt weren’t representing my music properly and were not sending me clear and detailed statement of the sales of my music. After understanding (from a producer’s point of view) how important it is to have small things from the label like good promotions, feedback report, transparency on the investment and on the earnings, I decided to make the label of dreams. Where everything runs as it should do, professionally and personally and with full respect for the music and for the time that the producer put into creating the music. I started the label when the dreamers crew was at his top in term of party organisation in Turin, it was like the cherry on the top of a big cake, someone had to do it, and I was there , with all the music from me and from my friends.“

I really like the euphoric garage influences you have brought into the label, tell us about your inspirations and influences

“Yeah i’m a really big fan of house , garage and 90’s things. it was impossible to spin that sound years ago in Italy, but we waited…playing neuro and hard stuff, while teaching the people. in the last year, 90’s fashion has made a comeback and i had the door open to finally push the sound that i love, the mixture of house, garage, half step , jungle and reggae dub. Was A Be played a big role in this, with his ‘new entry ingenuity’ he crafted a style that was quickly supported in UK, putting his music on our first release. I had a lot of my own music ready but i didn’t want to make the label as something from me, but a platform for everyone that share our vision of sound. I’ve got the same space as all the other artist, 1 release every year. so basically i waited my turn but in the meantime hospital records picked up my track ’magic flute’ and that got things going really well.“

“ps: I breathed the uk bassline sound in england since i was a teenager, but i totally change my mind about dnb when we hosted fracture and om unit and rockwell in turin like 6 years ago: it totally change my life.“

“PPS (extract from samurai breaks) When i saw rockwell play at boomtown 4 years ago it also had a profound effect on my music tastes within dnb, that guy is a LEGEND of the highest degree“

I like how you swap between more classic dnb release’s and more experimental jungle / footwork / vibe music. really nice way to showcase different flavours of dnb. did you always run the label like this or did you start this change later?

“If you have ever been in a dreamers party, you know that you can find everything in dnb, every subgeneres. because we love to let the people hear the sounds they love while also introducing them too new and exciting sounds , the crowd is always so various, so we dont want to playhours of boring power neurofunk because it’s not for everyone. We are all really good dj, the level in the DJ booth is always high, and we love to show how dnb can be strongly radical and not a fashion, subgenere’s are a fashion, dnb is forever! For that reason if you ask every dj who played for us in turin in the last 14 years (really a lot) , they always have good feedback about us. and with the label it’s the same, it reflects our party, so we cannot stay in one subgenre, we only push DRUM and BASS especially when we feel vibe, passion and love in the music.“

“There is always a moment for heavy tracks, halftime grooves and especially in the end of a party we love to push positive and liquid vibes, so the people always go sleep with the smile. the same with the label, i tend to follow the season, i winter i feel more dark rolling vibes while in the summer is more for liquid and dreamy sound. basically, we want everyone to say: dnb is cool! and this came from year of teaching people at our parties in Italy, work started by our beloved boss ROLLERS INC (Mighty M and DeNiro ) our mentors, our guide, one of the pioneers of the genre in Italy that celebrate their 20 years of activity this year. let me say that I LOVE THEM!“

What can we look forward to in the future from the dreamers?

“We will keep on pushing the music we love, we are constantly getting a lot of demo submissions for the label and we are creating a lot of various artist compilations to bring all the people aboard. Its a lot of work but i want to do it!“

“We have a lot of unique and exclusive dub-plates and we love to party all together. we are a gang, and friends first of all. that is our secret! expect a lot of cool music and more showcases coming to your area soon!“

Samurai Breaks’s Top 5 Dreamer's Tracks (in no particular order)

This track is a high energy explosion of feel good vibes and pacey drums. The combo of jungle breaks and 808 drum machine madness keeps the dnb tempo rolling throughout, while a mash up of funky vocals, stabs and pads sets the tone for a euphoric dancefloor experience...

This whole ep is literally insane mad footworky breaky funky stuff so make sure to check it all out, this track specifically stands out to me though, it feels like your being sucked down into a underground tunnel system, full of junkies still trapped in never ending 90s rave. The aesthetic is so perfect, all working towards this dark driving style.. even with all the juxtaposition of the rave stabs it still has such a dark energy, the breaks all mixed nicely into teh background to give energy but to leave the main impact on the bass stabs and kicks. creating a really powerful rolling track.

Oh my oh my OH WOW… this track just hits you in all de feels at once, the lush piano and vocal intro sets you off on a beautiful journey, simple plodding kick snare rolling you along with the rims adding that second level syncopation, driving the beat forwards. They crafted a beautiful rich swelling fuzzy reese for the drop, really filling out the sound in a rich un-aggressive but powerful way, combine this with the break drum layer they bring in and you have a feel good masterpiece

This ones just pure out of order.. ridiculous snare riffs and tense atmosphere’s drive into a frenzy, just when you think you know what’s coming, you get hit with sporadic high energy break cuts throwing you out of the groove before it slams back in, the addition of the vocals, is the icing on the cake.. 11/10 high energy madness on this one

This is one for the halftime heads, Deep rumbling basslines and clunky percs at first, but building up with increasing syncopations of drum machine hits, the rhythms driving you on but never feeling hectic, just awesome endless rolls! fruity pads and funky fx take you down into the breakdown, and continue into a rich second drop, dont let fool you though, there’s more breaks madness coming so make sure you stick around for the 4.30 breaks workout.

Sam Langley(Samurai Breaks)

Uk based uptempo producer. Smashing apart the genres and jamming all the juicy bits together into a high energy, euphoric sweaty mess.