Fearful & Mtwn's Collisions EP on Diffrent MusicFearful & Mtwn's Collisions EP on Diffrent Music

Fearful & Mtwn's Collisions EP on Diffrent Music

You never quite know what to expect when Diffrent Music announce a new release, a staple for experimentation and cultivation of new talent, the label has never been constrained by expectations of a genre.

Since October the label has kicked up a gear, signing the talented BrandNewTrumpets, debut EP's from Luke Sentric and Constrict on “Sweetbox'' and even some gabber from Dexta on sister label “Are We Really Alone”.

The Collisions EP sees two household Diffrent names Fearful and Mtwn drop the tempo for this stunning 4 track EP, here's some Rendah favourites from the release...

Part 2, a technical workout with subtle variations each bar, the offbeat percs and breakbeats create a deconstructed groove and echo 90’s rave with the use of the classic mentasm sample. Unknown follows with more of a foreboding tone and stripped back skeletal rhythm, channeling the post-dubstep sound.

Depths, an ambient interlude of ocean ripples accompanied by melancholic strings and light shakers. Bringing the pace back up and closing out the EP is “Verbunden”; the crisp, punchy drums and softer basslines give it more of a well-rounded live sound, once again exhibiting the technical expertise of Fearful and Mtwn.

The whole EP strikes the balance between cerebral sound design and danceability, a sweet spot that isn’t necessarily easy to achieve. The range of dynamics and the panning of elements lend itself to headphone listeners as sounds intertwine seamlessly, maintaining an element of surprise with each listen and with no return to the clubs in near sight, perhaps this is exactly the listening experience some of us need right now.

Fearful & Mtwn - Collisions EP is available to purchase on Bandcamp.

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