Get to know: Subp YaoGet to know: Subp Yao

Get to know: Subp Yao

Dayle kick-starts his new concept 'Get To Know' featuring short interviews with new producers in the scene, the first one being Subp Yao.

How did you get into making beats?

“I went to chill with a homie who had a MPC at that time, we started to record some sounds and fucked them up to make a beat with. From that day I was hooked on making beats, back then it was mostly sample based hip-hop.“

“Later on i discovered the early dubstep and in that time the beat scene started to thrive as well. I think that shaped my style and taste of music a lot.“

Can you describe your workflow?

“My workflow changing always, i think it's an ongoing process. Getting inspired by the way homies make music, learning new stuff, trial and error (this the most) always keeps me changing my workflow. So is the gear in the studio, right now i have an old AKAI sampler from a friend and so i see myself sampling drums a lot again.Guitar pedals are here to stay, lots of fun, especially in combination with the Moog. Ableton Push changed my workflow the most i guess, in love with it!“

Top 5 beats at the moment?

  • - Tomorrow it will be a whole other top 5 but...
  • - Scallops Hotel – A terror way beyond falling
  • - Prefuse 73 - Basinskitarian
  • - God Damn Chan – To my friends Ft. Fadeaway J
  • - Swarvy - Krunchrap
  • - BSN Pose – Say What

I know that you have some side projects going on, could you tell us more about those?

“I'm always working with other people, really love collabing. YAYAYA is with my friend Kees, we just released our debut album on Magical Properties (Daedelus' imprint). It's 160 bpm music, well at least the most of it. We learn a lot and i 'm super excited about this project, we have some things coming up very soon!“

“The last years i have been working with Astronautalis on some remixes and he just asked me to work on his new album with P.O.S.I did some beats for the album and had the opportunity to work on other tracks as well.If all goes well, we have some really cool stuff in the works!!I worked beat-wise a lot with Razat lately, who is an absolute beast on the beats.Also with this lil' fella Dayle, you might know him, he's the future.“

What are the future plans for Subp Yao?

“Making beats all day. See more of the world, starting in August, doing a tour in China. Some more tours are planned but I can't say too much about that yet. I worked on a couple movies lately, see myself doing that more and more. I wanna start an album (I say this every year at least once) if I can work on music somehow for the rest of my life i'm good tho!“

Dayle Hamers(DAYLE)

Writer for Rendah & Beat maker from the Netherlands