Insights with Jon Casey
07/03/2019 | Dan Jones

Insights with Jon Casey

Jon Casey has been blessing us with all kinds of crazy music over the last few years. We had a chat with the man himself about his journey through music and some insights from his latest release, the 'On The Storm' EP.

Hey man, good to finally chat with you. So tell us... Who is Jon Casey and where did it all start for you?

A pleasure to be on this man, for sure. Jon Casey is a multi-dynamic music producer from Pretoria, South Africa. I started making music on FL Studio for fun in grade 8, and realised I have a knack for this thing and never looked back. I’ve been producing for about 10 years now and I am absolutely loving the process of it all.

Have you always made this style of music?

Not really. I started off making hip-hop beats, then stemmed into Kaytranada-esque beats for a bit in 2014/15. I’ve absolutely always loved trap and dubstep tho, and got into that around the same time.

So your new 'On The Storm' EP is out now, I'm blown away by the production. How do you approach an EP like this? What kinds of equipment/software are you using?

This EP came about when I made a bunch of tracks and pieced them together and pitched them to Buygore, and they digged it. I am mainly a laptop boy by heart, but I use my Ableton push 2 quite a bit for the creative process. Other than that, it’s all software.

How do you find the time to produce so much music? Not to mention your collaboratives alias with Chee, 'It Hz'.

It’s really a work ethic really and a tough one at that. It’s not about having the time but making it and choosing to, every time. I find that after I finish one track I’m like, “lovely, pat on the back, now onto the next one”. That’s it in a nutshell.

From all of your music, which track would you say you had the most fun producing, and why?

It’s between my latest track ‘Troglodyte’ off the new EP, and ‘Laundry Money’, a SoundCloud exclusive. Not sure why, but I just think the bounce that they have always gets me hype, and watching it unravel is always a beautiful process.

Any artists that are inspiring you at the moment?

Hella! Krischvn is a huge inspiration at the moment because of his complexity and uniqueness and how it’s all nestled into an overall simple track. Leotrix is another dope ass producer out right now. His sound design and overall quality be dope af.

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