A look at Kabuki's latest release on Halogen Music
04/04/2019 | Sam Langley

A look at Kabuki's latest release on Halogen Music

Halogen Music is a Belgian based record label, famous for experimenting on the edges between jungle, DnB, Halftime and Footwork. In the past they’ve released such artists as Corrupted, Digid, Danny Scrilla, Mystic State, J.Nomad, TMSV and a host of other producers from around the world.

Halogen Music returns with Stush/Alkaline, a 2 track release from Kabuki. An emotive and evolving release with deep thudding kicks, wacky sci-fi vibes and interesting drum rhythms.


First up is Stush, A perc ridden dub techno stomper. Acidic reese filters and deep sub swells groove you along, the subtle FX and tense pads peaking your emotions and driving you deeper down the rabbit hole.

I love the chunky metallic snare drum in the drop and those insane chopped and screwed vocals that transport you from the big beats into that spacious weird breakdown and how the it builds itself back up, getting all choppy with that grainy texture.. a healthy layer of reverb filling out the listening field.. a masterpiece that keeps you guessing and grooving all the way through.


The Second track, Alkaline continues the same theme, creepy atmosphere’s, sparse organ cuts swelling synths and infectious drums catching your attention and pulling you onward on your journey. i really like how it doesn't just drive you into a generic drop, But instead keeps you guessing about what’ll come next, When the bass finally hits you its majestic, Low down sub rumbles shaking your soul while ridiculous basses filter and whip snap around you.

The drums have a really fresh dancehall'y kinda feel even though the sound pallet would suggest a more halftime kinda beat. a great track overall, the second drop really grows on you with the extra textures and weird melodic layers.

Sam Langley(Samurai Breaks)

Uk based uptempo producer. Smashing apart the genres and jamming all the juicy bits together into a high energy, euphoric sweaty mess.