Kyra's top 5 current halftime beatsKyra's top 5 current halftime beats

Kyra's top 5 current halftime beats

Our very own Kyra shares an analogy on his top 5 current halftime beats.

Decimal Bass - Work for Nothing

Made by Decimal Bass (one half of Annix), this tune found itself in pretty much every halftime and D&B set around the world. Starting off with a stretched drum break, you’re quickly thrown into this mania inducing build up which then drops into probably the grimiest, most energetic drop you’ll ever hear. The best thing is, you can have double the fun when the second drop hits. This one is good for fans who want something that retains that wonky halftime feel but with a tearout/Jump Up twist.

Noisia - Soul Purge (Current Value Remix)

You can never go wrong with Current Value. I’ll say that again, you can never go wrong with Current Value. Hear this tune live? It’ll make you want to punch anyone or anything in your close vicinity. Pairing dark eerie soundscapes with skilful sound design and perfectly compressed drums, it’s great for people who want the most aggressive style of halftime you’ll probably ever get. The vocals from Foreign Beggars are a great addition too.

Sofie Letitre - Wonder When (Ivy Lab Remix)

Ivy Lab have been making some of the best halftime to date so it’s no surprise that they’ve made it onto this list. What this tune does really well is push the level of wonkiness to the max whilst retaining a fat groove that you can nod your head to. The bass sounds like its tripping over the drums, the synths are super psychedelic and the vocals by Letitre are haunting. Make sure you’re standing up when you hear this because it’ll have you bouncing all over the place.

Friction - Someone (Ft. McLean) (The Prototypes Remix)

You’re probably more likely to hear this in a drum and bass set than a halftime one. However, it fits the criterior with its halftime drum patterns. A great example of the more laidback, liquid style of halftime music. You can imagine this tune being played in the early hours of the morning with lights flashing all over the place. Pure euphoria.

Muju - Fake ID

A personal favourite of mine, ‘Fake ID’ was made for the annual One Week, One Tune that the late Neurohop Forum used to host. Reppin the Hip Hop inspired side of halftime, it boasts a warping neuro bassline and a Dilla-esque drum beat that compliment each other perfectly. And to make it even better, the first drop has a rap - made up from Spice 1’s 'Born to Die' and 2pac’s 'I’m Losing It' -that’ll make you want to buss a glock. An absolute essential and a true gem of the genre. Don’t sleep on this one.

Rosh Parmar(Kyra)

UK based beat maker.