Let's talk about Breaka's Swinging Flavours #7Let's talk about Breaka's Swinging Flavours #7

Let's talk about Breaka's Swinging Flavours #7

For those who haven’t heard, Breaka is the word in cutting edge footwork/jungle.

Originally from London, he cut his musical teeth in Leeds while attending university but has no flown the nest over the pennies to Manchester, but is still visiting regularly back in Leeds to run his high intensity workout themed night Stretchy Dance Supply.

With support from Fracture, Om Unit, The Librarian, Itoa, Homesick, Sully, Crypticz, Sun People and release’s on Modern Ruin, Tsunami Bass Weight, Good Street Records and Holding Hands records you know that Breaka is turning heads in the scene. His influences range between footwork, jungle, UK techno, dub and jazz, So lets dive into the review of his latest release on Beat Machine Records ‘swinging flavours’ series

Without further adieu, let's look at Breaka's Swinging Flavours #7

Damn Hot

This ones been setting fire to clubs and festivals since it snuck into my inbox, Breaka consistently delivering the finest in juke/jungle fusions to get the party bumping. the straight claps really drive this tune forward squeezing in some extra garage-esque rhythms to get you flailing your limbs wildly. the pounding kick pattern pushes the beat forward, relentlessly building up the energy with that incessant offbeat hi hat filling in all the spaces. Always reaching for the fire sample selection this ones vocal really drives it forward, the well chosen cuts and delays filling out the beat. The bass plays between 2 layers, a deep chunky 808 boom and well distorted top layer, really playing with your perception of weight and intensity… this tunes a serious booty shaker


This track is absolutely ELECTRIC, so much tension, emotion and pace, as ever with Breaka’s tunes this track builds up gradually, with beautiful melodic progressions keeping the vibes strong, i really like how there’s a really mixable energetic intro that builds the feeling of the track until it cuts into that beautiful spacious moment were the sample really gets to breath, combo’d with those tasty old-school stabs the euphoria levels are HIGH!! Breaka’s tracks are a gift that keep on giving, the rampant falling 808 bassline that comes in around 2.00 really gets you going, twinned with those awesome delayed bonk sounds and the upbeat drums + breaks makes this one a certified party starter

Damn Hot (Danny Scrilla Remix)

i was really intrigued when i heard that Danny Scrilla had remixed this track, it isn’t what i’d usually imagine hearing him work with, but the result is phenomenal, he’s really moved away from originals party atmosphere into a much more sophisticated, melodic and atmospheric feel. it draws you onward and inwards with constant growing melodies until it flips you on your hear with a serious break work out, this one will get your feet moving trying to keep up. my favourite moment of the tune is how it rolls over from the breaky section with the growth of the melody and that weird FX pulling you through the gap and then suddenly you’re in a space transit system, gliding you through halftime space..the hats filtering and floating around you, scattered break cuts uplifting you while the vocal cuts keep the groove popping

Sam Langley(Samurai Breaks)

Uk based uptempo producer. Smashing apart the genres and jamming all the juicy bits together into a high energy, euphoric sweaty mess.