Looking at Mad Zach's 'Fortress' Remix EPLooking at Mad Zach's 'Fortress' Remix EP

Looking at Mad Zach's 'Fortress' Remix EP

Mad Zach & Plasma Audio have employed a whole roaster of heavy hitter producers for this remix EP, with the likes of Dub Phizix, Hybris, Safire, yunis & Chee all contributing to a substantial release.

Each track has the remixer’s unique stamp on it, elaborating on what was already an outstanding release - Let's get into it.

Hybris Remix

Hybris has an untouchable style within drum and bass and his take on this track by Mad Zach really showcases this. The drums of this track are reminiscent of old school Jungle with the added complexity of Hybris’ production. The Reece bass again harps back to 90’s jungle with big waving manipulation and rip out moments which would melt a dancefloor.This one will defiantly be a fav among tech heads and ravers alike. It wouldn’t be out of place in a dark sweaty club, but also is suiting for a needed moment of energetic build and excitement in one’s life.

Yunis Remix

Yunis showcases his Hip Hop style in this track – with big dominant pads and vocal cuts this one gets your head knocking from the outset. I love the change at 1:05 with the thick poly synth stabs which then proceed to dive back into the pad stabs. Yunis really showcases his competence with boom bap style beats on this remix, it also illuminates his ability to create something definitively different which incorporates emotive pads with hard dark bass.

Dub Phizix Remix

This one defiantly an unexpected take by Dub Phizix, creating something slower than his normal offerings however still incorporating his signature bouncy drums and unique style. This one would do some damage on a system and harkens to Phizix’s Mancoonian style and sound, championied by himself and chimpo to name a few.

Safire Remix

This one is dopppeeee. The melodic half time vibe on this one is on point and my personal favourite from the release. Safire has made this tune into something that sits perfectly into the halftime realm with 8bit style complements – the vocals the wrap around the listener add a sense of dread to the song. Think Alix Perez with this one. The drums have a great groove as well and compliment the bass so much. The switch when it becomes very squelchy, I thoroughly enjoy.

Chee Remix

Chee has really gone for something on this one, love his take on this track. The drop is unreal and has that rip in and out style which brought me onto Chee. Love the way he manipulates vocals to make something that is reminiscent of eastern/Arabic vocals.

The track seriously slaps and stands out to me hugely. Chee really knows how to deliver on a ‘drop’ making something that would cause some damage on any system big or small.

All in all sick remix EP – Chee’s track is my personal favourite, however this is hard to pick on a release with such a solid rooster of artists on it.

Harry Taylor(Høst)

Beats producer from the UK.