A look at NIK P’s new Zapped/Unload singleA look at NIK P’s new Zapped/Unload single

A look at NIK P’s new Zapped/Unload single

Hailing from Dallas, TX, Nik Purohit is young beatmaker that has been carving his way into the bass music scene with releases on several big labels. He has been crafting a sound that has the potential to push the current trends of bass music and has an unrelenting urge to experiment.

Taking influence from the likes of Chee, Eprom, and Alix Perez, Nik blends hip-hop with neuro into halftime, drum & bass, and other subgenres of bass music while staying true to his hip-hop roots.

Starting off the new year with a bang, he unleashes his latest body of work in the form of a two sided single entitled “Zapped/Unload”. Intricately crafted drums grooves, impressive sound design, and cinematic soundscapes make this some of my favorite work of his. Both tracks on this split are a show of what the young producer is capable of and that he has no plans of slowing down.

The first track is titled Zapped and gets things moving right away. Ambient pads and swung drums blend together in the intro to pull you into this monstrous masterpiece. Once the drop comes, things move to the next level and the intensity is turned up to 11. Huge hip-hop drums kick in accompanied by NIK P’s expertly crafted sound design and perfectly chosen vocal samples to take you on a journey. We get a small break in the middle as we move into the second half of the tune where he continues to keep you on your toes with his sound design and drum grooves. The main lead in this tune is so catchy and perfectly fit in between the drums and all the sound fx and basses.

The second track on the split Unload is a collab with Mew Zu and starts things off dark. Eerie and ambient pads engulf you in an almost dark room. Moving into a broken granulated breakdown before again turning the intensity up. A stomping drum groove laid a top a consistent and heavy bassline drive the track. Again I love the lead in this track. It gives the track a sense of darkness that accompanies the intro really well and it sits really well with the rest of the elements. A short breakdown comes in before the two take us back into the void of sound and we end on very different tone from the beginning with an upbeat melody closing out the track.

This release of Nik’s is one of my favorite pieces of music he has released. The way he crafts his tracks and has all these tiny elements that work perfectly with each other blows my mind. You can tell from his music that he puts a ton of time and effort into his craft and his sound. NIK P is name that you will definitely be more of in 2020. Seriously go check this release out and let the music speak for itself.

Andrew Murphy

NY based Artist manager dedicated to pushing underground bass music.