Noer the Boy: Weekly single seriesNoer the Boy: Weekly single series

Noer the Boy: Weekly single series

For the past month or so Noer the Boy has been blessing us with his musical presence in the form of Weekly Singles.

After his latest EP, 'Ganzfield', released on Division with its insane diversity and a keen ear for unheard fusions of sound, Noer hasn't failed to keep the ball rolling with these singles.


His most recent single released in this series, and undoubtedly my favourite so far. The beat starts with a daunting synth setting the vibe simply yet effectively, soon accompanied by a satisfyingly textural sub bass and slappy lo-fi drums that fit the vibe nicely.

The section around about midway through is easily my favourite part of the tune, the pure energy and distortion paired with a very easy to follow groove makes for one brutal headbanger. It amazes me how many textures he has going on in there.

He then proceeds to flip it yet again with a more open and rolling groove (zappy arps included), then cleans up the tail end of the tune with a throwback to the main daunting synth but paired with a disgustingly delicious 'reece' bass only to then use that as a transition into a flappy beat with some dope bars from 'Jacob Willard' for the finale. What a tune.

Keelan Rushby(Uprising)

Australian based Neuro/dnb producer dedicated to the underground.