A word with Numatic on life, music & his Controlled Chaos EPA word with Numatic on life, music & his Controlled Chaos EP

A word with Numatic on life, music & his Controlled Chaos EP

Numatic jumped on our Radar like an atomic bomb, this guy is pushing a seriously unique sound and his new 'Controlled Chaos' EP on Sound Museum is proof of that.

We had a chat with the man himself to find out more about who Numatic is & also gain some insights into his creative process.

Aye man how’s it going, so tell us a bit about yourself.

Hey man, I’m doing great - actually couldn't be better! Alright, so my names Michael Miele, but people call me Mikey. I'm 21 years old, Italian, and I’m from Vancouver, Canada. Growing up I played competitive sports, such as soccer and hockey and that's definitely where I found a disciplined, competitive and focused head that I carry on my shoulders.

Currently, I’m a resident DJ for Vancouver’s leading bass music event company ‘Digital Motion’ and I’m also a server at a restaurant that's located down the street from where I live. I go to University for Business Communications, however this past semester I made the conscious decision to take some time off in order to focus on music full time and I haven't looked back since.

In terms of music I have been DJ'ing since I was a young teenager, but only have been producing for about a year - the first track I ever put out was last January actually so not even a full year. But like most things, when I invest time and energy, I put my all into whatever it may be. I have been diving head first into producing and I am constantly learning more about my craft by finding new ways to experiment and push my own boundaries. It's an endless journey of creativity, emotion, sound design, you name it!

Your new 'Controlled Chaos' release on Sound Museum is something else dude, talk us through some of your creative processes.

First off, thanks so much for saying that - it means a lot. Controlled Chaos was the first EP that I ever put together and I am very proud of it. Throughout this EP I used analogue gear such as my Moog Little Phatty and Make-Noise 0 Coast patchable synthesizer in order to create many of the saturated basslines and all-around grit that is portrayed throughout each track.

When it came to my creative process towards each track I simply started each track by producing the ‘drop’ first and getting an overall idea of where I want the track to sound from there on out. Oh ya, and throwing lots of distortion plugins on the basslines didn't hurt either.

Which track from the release is your favourite and why?

Man, this is a tough one! I’m all about the EP titled track which is ‘Controlled Chaos’, but to be honest ‘Raider’ has gotten such amazing feedback and it always goes off live. So, to answer your question I would have to say ‘Raider’. It was definitely the most fun to create as and I love the all-around flow it has to it.


What’s next for yourself?

Without looking too far into the future and giving too much away, I’ll try to keep this answer as short as possible. So I recently got signed to SATURATE!RECORDS new sister label, Sound Museum and there's an artist compilation coming out very soon - it’s stacked and I’m very hyped to be a part of it, plus being on the same compilation as some artists out there that inspire me is huge!

Other than that, I’m working on some collaborations and another solo EP is in the works. All in all, I’m just trying to make as much music as I possibly can, get it into the hands of the right people/labels and so far it's working! My management and my label, have tons planned for the future so keep your eyes peeled!


What are your favourite 3 current tracks?

  • - Ivy Lab - Cake. I have played this tune at every single one of my sets since it came out on their album. To me, this song really resonates with the style I’m trying to express. A saturated bassline filled with halftime percussion, honestly, to me it's a perfect song. Ivy Lab has always been in my top 3 and most definitely always will be!
  • - SHADES - Chiron. Alright so this tune for me is a two birds, one stone type thing since Alix Perez and EPROM are two of my biggest inspirations. Their brainchild SHADES is everything that I want in bass music and more specifically, Chiron is my favourite track by them. Fun fact, I had the opportunity to be on direct support for them when they were on their SHADES tour this past summer. Playing on the same bill plus meeting them was a dream come true and not to mention I sent my Controlled Chaos EP to Eprom after receiving his email that night.
  • - Samba - Ghastly. This track is my all time favourite 140 tune. It's all around eerie atmosphere and addicting dubbed out bassline with the perfect amount of hi-hats that flow so effortlessly make it a tune that I will always get down to.
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