Numatic and Strange Thing present their new alias MYTHMNumatic and Strange Thing present their new alias MYTHM

Numatic and Strange Thing present their new alias MYTHM

Two of West Coast Canada’s heavyweight producers combined forces to create their new project ‘MYTHM’.

Both artists deliver a strong and high energy vibe through their music, we can only anticipate the extent to which they will push the envelope of their sound. We sat down to discuss the ins-and-outs of their new collaboration.

What inspired the creation of ‘MYTHM’?

MYTHM came from the inspiration that we had for each other’s creative process. Not only do we have mutual respect for each other’s solo projects, which fuelled inspiration for one another, but also we are also really close friends. The idea of the project came shortly after we wrote ‘Soundboy’, a collaboration that we made for Sound Museum’s 1-year anniversary compilation. We discovered quickly that we work very well together, creatively and efficiently. From this, we decided to keep on writing more music together. In a short time span we wrote our most inspiring and personally our best music to date. What started as collaborations, organically evolved into the idea for the duo. Without us knowing at the time, this decision is what created MYTHM.

Your first single ‘Reload’ just released, what drove you to choose this as the debut track?

We wrote a lot of music together before we dropped the alias so we had a bunch of music to choose from. ‘Reload’ was one of the first tunes we finished and were really stoked on it and thought it would fit well for our first release.

Considering you are a duo, what is your artistic process during the creation of a track?

We both have our strengths. Mikey’s (Numatic) strong point is bass work and sound design with his analogue gear, where as Patrick’s (Strange Thing is typically drums and processing. Together our strengths balance each other out equally and it shows in our work. We are continuously learning from each other and progressing with the music we are creating.

You recently announced your first festival booking for Curiosity Music Festival 2019, are there any other festivals and/or club shows we can expect to catch you at?

Considering that we just dropped the project we don’t have many bookings yet, however we have announcements coming soon that we are excited about.

Moving forward, will you still be focusing separately on your solo alias’, or taking a temporary break to build the MYTHM vision?

The birth of MYTHM has brought a new level of inspiration and creative freedom within our production. Our solo projects as Strange Thing and Numatic have evolved into our best and most inspired work to date. As we will always be Strange Thing and Numatic, moving forward we will be focusing on solely on MYTHM.

Nikole Parker

Writer for Rendah Magazine.