A look at OAKK's Growing EP
21/01/2019 | Vincent Taimiot

A look at OAKK's Growing EP

Unchained Recordings starts the year with a release from the Canadian producer named OAKK. Vacillating between Halftime Beat, Juke, Footwork and Hip-Hop, this artist can’t be reduce by only one word.

Growing EP is composed of 3 tracks, and begins by a collaboration with the MC Rider Shafique, which is used to works with Sam Binga. The name of the EP is taken from the title of this song. In a Dancehall way, this song reminds me some tropical vibes like Redders, but also a deep and dark aspect like Samurai Music or a good track from Homemade Weapons.

The second opus entitled 'Feel So High' is, for the first part of the song, on a binary rhythm with a little wonky effect which allows to counterbalancing the first aspect. The second drop is more inspired by Trap music. Add to this a sweet voice that is really recognizable from the OAKK music style and reminds me of some other vocals that you can find in UK Garage or Footwork and even in some Ivy Lab tracks (if this track were released on 20/20 LDN label, it would not surprise me).

The last track named 'Public Enemy' is in a pure Footwork & Juke style. With a spanish voice, (or italian maybe?) this track reminds me another from OAKK named Divinity (with a french voice this time). In a smooth way this track is minimalist with a deep bassline and a little pleasant echo on the voice.

Pour résumer, this EP is surprising by these various inspirations and music genre and sub-genre mix but also surprising by the proposition that Unchained Recordings made. Less rollers, less old school style and maybe a little bit less focused on Halftime Beat, this EP, with the help of OAKK, offers a new and rich definition of what is Unchained Recordings.

Vincent Taimiot(Leader Killer)

Old & new school Bass Music melomaniac, Vincent was assistant broadcasting on different radio stations in France (Rinse France) and on English radios (Reprezent Radio).