Om Unit brings us Mahakala 03Om Unit brings us Mahakala 03

Om Unit brings us Mahakala 03

A trilogy of great trilogies.

Let’s talk trilogies. First we have The Greeks trilogy Aeschylus's great Oresteia, second is Tolkeins Lord of the Rings, and third is the Mahakala trilogy.

Mahakala emerged from the darkness to shell down the DJ Mag bunker with some of the roughest and toughest Jungle. Since then, we’ve been gifted with two Mahakala records from Coles and now he closes out the Mahakala trilogy with a two tracker that warps the DNA of jungle in a style that is true to form.

The A side is a VIP of Tomahawk and when the “Jungle coming like jungle” vocal comes in you can revel in the expanse of time as that classic time-stretch tells us that it’s time to get down to business. Straight in with the breaks and the mutant bass lines, this is how a VIP is done. Coles has no intention of closing out this trilogy in anything other than a bang.

On the flip side is Blue, immediately this track feels delicate and tight, the elements compound like a jazz ensemble with an unspoken rhythmic synergy. Soft pads and immersive Saxophone licks whilst the cymbals in the background feel like a light ostinato played with brushes.

This trilogy pays homage to the foundations of jungle and forms a connection with the raw elements that it’s built upon, whilst it’s easy to throw the word ‘innovation’ about, it has become synonymous with Om Unit and this is a prime example of innovation for jungle music.

Mahakala 03 is available from Om Units bandcamp page.

Arun Chakal

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