Pablo Dread's 'Burnin' EP on Beat Machine Records
13/02/2019 | Sam Langley

Pablo Dread's 'Burnin' EP on Beat Machine Records

Pablo Dread, a producer based in Malaga and affiliated with the Iberian Juke crew has just released his new EP, ‘Burnin’. A 3 track release blurs the lines between footwork, jungle and rave music topped off with a spectacular bumping remix from Fixate (Exit Records).

This EP will be released on Beat Machine Records, following in the footsteps of previous footwork/jungle/rave release’s from Breaka, Itoa, Lynch Kingsley, Sinistarr and Sun People. Beat Machine Records is based in Milan, Italy.

Fyah Burnin

This track pulls influences and classic samples from the 90s Rave/Jungle movement but flips it all on its head, re-inventing and re-imagining the sounds you know and love with a futuristic edge. The drums mix together classic breakbeats and 808 drum sounds keeping the pace driving forwards. An absolutely classic track sure to bring your crowd together into a sweaty euphoric mass, all cuddling each other and asking “who’s got some water mate, I’m gurning like FUCK”.

Watch It

Ominous pulsing bass’s swell up in the intro, twinned with outer-space synths whistling around you and staccato hits building you up to the drop. Pablo Dread fuses together-unique drum patterns with a wide palette of breaks and drum machine hits , constantly switching between half-time and full-time rhythms, keeping you guessing. The vocal work in this track is great, lots of mad little chops playing counter rhythms against the drums.

What’s Going On

This ones an ultimate sci-fi adventure, space age pads draw you forward as the stuttering synth builds you up flipping you into that ridiculous pumping footwork beat. This songs got it all; Crazy 'ghettotech' sections, mad live drum fills, gritty reese switch ups and cool pitched down vocals that tie it all together.. a proper adventure of a tune, taking your emotions on a roller coaster ride

Fyah Burnin (Fixate Remix)

WOW this remix! Fixate flips the groove into some lowkey samba style beat, subtle chops with the catchy stab riff build it up. But don’t let this chilled intro fool you, the drums break down and filter back in at the expected gun finger levels. When the bassline hits you, it knocks the air from your chest, such a classic jungle style bass! I love the drum progression when the apache rolls come in, all the while fixate keeps the vibes strong withclassic vocal cuts and delays.

Sam Langley(Samurai Breaks)

Uk based uptempo producer. Smashing apart the genres and jamming all the juicy bits together into a high energy, euphoric sweaty mess.