Paige Julia's 'Prestige In An Honorless Society' EPPaige Julia's 'Prestige In An Honorless Society' EP

Paige Julia's 'Prestige In An Honorless Society' EP

Paige Julia based in New Zealand caught my eye with her track Empha on the recent Forest Odyssey Compilation on Forest Biz, a raw and beefy low end 808 assault on the senses, so when I was sent through her follow up EP for review I was very excited to delve into the tracks.


Tense energies and foreboding atmosphere’s draw you onwards and inwards, twisting your mind body and soul, preparing you for the almighty bass onslaught coming your way. Weighty gravelly bass synths combine with thumping kicks to knock the breath from your chest while the subtle 808 snare riff playing against the kick snare groove keeps the beat really energetic and playful. I really enjoy the attention to detail in terms of weird foley and atmospheric texture, this really characterises Forest Biz’ s signature sound.


The intense emotions in the intro pads really hit me right in the ‘feels’ the combo of rich pad and stretched alien voices creates a really unique melancholy feeling. The track“ drops” with a really bumpy low end bass riff flexing into some gnarly ripping reese’... I love the A / B movement between the melody, when it flips into the resonant plucky riff it has some ridiculous edits on the reese bass rip, sounds like your insides have been ripped out of your nostrils. The second drop just gets way out of order, the bendy flexing bass riff is so cool!can imagine doing some crazy jelly legs moves in the dance if this got played!

Black Sheep

Dropping the tempo on this one we have a really grotty haunting vibe, the ghostly melody really builds the atmosphere and gets your head swaying hypnotically. The thickness and texture in the bass is unreal and those raaaaaaasclart kick rolls give it a dank trap feel, that catchy bell clinking perc helps bump up the energy preparing you for the chopped bass riff reminiscent of riddim dubstep (but done right with Paige Julia's signature out of this world spacey sound palette).


Locking off the release in style bereft kicks off with some ridiculous grainy stretched texture’s, never mind end of a release, this sounds like the end of the world! A catchy reese riff full of gnarly fizzing top end and a chunky OG beat sets this firmly in the halftime beats vibe.this beat is filled with her classic rich textural background wierdness to keep your ears interested and your brain guessing throughout, I especially love the breakdown, such a weird foley built rising vibe.

Overall a very unique and refined release of interesting music with a diverse sound palette, bizarre groovy moves and an onslaught of low end bass terror. Big vibes.

Sam Langley(Samurai Breaks)

Uk based uptempo producer. Smashing apart the genres and jamming all the juicy bits together into a high energy, euphoric sweaty mess.