Let’s talk about Result’s Manticore EP on VALELet’s talk about Result’s Manticore EP on VALE

Let’s talk about Result’s Manticore EP on VALE

The guys at VALE never cease to amaze me. Never sticking to one genre and always working to push the next wave of artists into the spotlight is something they continue to do release after release. Returning this time they bring us the ‘Manticore’ EP by the mighty Result.

The up and coming producer from Croatia gives us 5 ridiculously intense tracks that show he isn’t here to play games. Monstrous sound design laid over intricately crafted drum grooves and cinematic driven sound scapes all come together to create an amazing piece of work. I hadn't really given much attention to Result before this but I immediately regret that choice after hearing this. This release blew me away.

Let’s talk about it...

We start this one off with Steel Face

Grabbing us in right from the beginning we have a cinematic and pad driven intro that feels like it’s right out of a movie trailer. This beautiful soundscape begins to rise and the tension builds until Result kicks it up a few notches and brings the intensity. This stomping drop is filled with hard hitting bass stabs and drums to compliment it. All the little vocal chants and tiny percussive/fx sounds are a great touch and they really caught my attention. He gives us a moment to relax with the breakdown that follows a similar idea as the intro. The second drop comes in with some really nice sound design in the form of some more sustained synth basses that give us a nice switch up before diving back into the madness created in the first drop.

Next up is the title track Manticore

Starting off in a similar fashion to the opening track with a very cinematic and ambient intro that leads right into the chaos he has spawned on this one. The drop shows Results impressive use of neuro sound design, vocal chops, and more melodic driven synths to help create an environment of straight heaviness. I'm a really big fan of the drums on this track as well. There is this tiny little snare he fits in there occasionally throughout the track as a fill almost. It really helps add the overall rhythm and swing of the drums. Also the screeching lead synth is perfectly paired with the sound design throughout both drops. Easily one of the best halftime tunes I’ve heard in a minute.

Coming up next we have my favorite track of the release, Heisenberg

Getting the energy going right away with a Heisenberg vocal repeating throughout the intro surrounded by cinematic synths, we dive right into this monster of a jump up tune. Crisp yet hard hitting drums and some very impressive sound design come in hot when the drop hits. The snare switches throughout the drop are really nice. I love the other little switch he does around 1:05 in the track. That snare there is so catchy. The second drop changes up the pattern of the basses slightly from the first but keeps the intensity at an all time high. The white noise layer on top of the bass are very crisp and clean as well. Honestly, this tune stood out to me over the others on the release. I'm a sucker for jump up and Result hit the nail on the head with this one.

The fourth track is titled Babroga and this one is another stomper

We begin with a very open and ambient intro that’s driven by some very nice pads, filtered drums, and a catchy lead melody that lets you know something big is coming. The first drop takes no time at all getting into the aggressiveness. The sound design in this tune is seriously on another level. The heavy distorted bassline rolls through the tune while the drums stomp you in the chest. (Also another killer sanre in this tune might I add) The section at the end of the first drop with the sub stabs was a really nice addition. After giving us a second to breath during the breakdown, Result takes us right back into the heaviness and switches up the groove. New percussion and even more impressive bass designs are added in the A section of the second drop before returning to the same section as the first.

The final track is a three way collab w/ Scheme and PKT titled Antithesis

I’m pretty familiar with Scheme’s tunes so I was extra excited to give this one a listen. And I definitely was not disappointed. Beginning with a very cyberpunk/cinematic intro (I know I’ve said that like 5 times now but oh well) filled with huge synths, airy pads, and a very catchy dnb break to start this ride off. Once the drop hits, the madness ensues. White noise basses crash together, and expertly chosen drums and percussion create an irresistible groove that pulls you in immediately. The switch up at 2:20 is one of my favorite moments in this track. (so far) I love when producers throw a little switch in a drum and bass drop. I think it really adds to the overall character of the track and keeps you on your toes. Moving back into the cinematic environment they created earlier for the breakdown section, we are far from over. The second section features a halftime drop that is probably my favorite moment of this whole EP. The three producers here blended all their styles together so nicely and it really shines here. Huge hip hop drums march through the white noise bass design perfectly. (Another amazing sanre might I add as well) We move back into the DNB section from earlier before ending the EP on a beautiful and open outro.

Seriously go listen to this EP right now. Put some headphones on, blast it in your car or room, or do whatever you do when you listen to music. This EP features some of the best DNB I’ve heard in a minute and some gnarly halftime tunes too. Result is seriously an artist to keep an eye on in 2020. As well as the guys over at VALE. They are always putting new artists on and getting them the attention they deserve as well as maintaining their push of genre bending music. Definitely go check them out on soundcloud as well as the Manticore EP out now!

Andrew Murphy

NY based Artist manager dedicated to pushing underground bass music.