Selects: Feb '19
04/02/2019 | Joe Pressa

Selects: Feb '19

Pressa is back with his 2nd iteration of the monthly 'Selects' concept.

Label: 877

Title: Deech - Mugu Ft. Magugu & Killjoy Remix

Release Date: February 8th

This is what you get when you mix eastern Europe with western Africa apparently, Mugu! Bouncy Uk Funky vibes on this from Belarusian Deech with the vocal talent of Nigerian Magugu with his Pidgin Dialect flow. Notts man, London based Killjoy on the flip delivers an equally groovy version! Bouncy goodness all round delivered by 877!

Label: Full Cycle

Title: Unkut - The Funk, The Filth EP (The Filth)

Release Date: February 15th

2nd in Unkut's EP project mini series, "The Funk, The Filth EP (The Filth)" hits right on the money! The first track "9-5 Rollin'" does what it says on the tin really... Rolls the f*** out with an array of breaks, rolling bass, beat switches, delicious keys, filters and some! "Jungle Ting" is up next coming with those classic sounding jazz sax samples, LFO bass, deep pads, delayed bleeps and an all round nostalgic sound which takes me back to my early vinyl collecting days where I would pick up a lot of the Full Cycle material. The final track comes in the shape of "It Ain't Ish". More Jazy goodness in the intro with stepping beats leading up to the breakdown with gangster rap vocal snippets. Then BOOM... The sub bass drops and then comes the filthy layer to round up what is a heavy EP on Roni sizes legendary label!

Label: Torre

Title: Figures Of Eighty - Pod Borer

Release Date: February 15th

"Pod Borer" opens with what you would expect from Figures Of Eighty.... a dissonant soundscape conjures up a dystopian world for this one track release forthcoming on Torre. Half-step beats, distorted bass, dark vibes and old-skool vocal licks round it off! A real futuristic cut of 130 BPM goodness here!

Label: Subaltern

Title: Various Artists - Kaleidoscope vol.2

Release Date: February 15th

The usual quality that you would expect from Subaltern comes in this deep dubstep VA EP package!Opening with Dalek One's "Frequency Shock" you initially get welcomed by the tight atmospherics, but then the sub low bass and twisted mids onslaught the body when the track really gets going! Clearlight's "stuck Inside" and Phossa's "Vacant" are two deep 140 bass excursions giving a nod to the old-skool while still looking forward.The final track comes from Bisweed in the shape of "Profound". It really stood out to me with those swoop like sounds, it's world music percussion, eerie pads, steppy almost trap like beats and breaks that are always welcome in my sets.Quality all round from the Subaltern camp!

Label: Bun The Grid

Title: Bulu - BTG005

Release Date: February 15th

Bun The Grid's first outing of the year come's in the form of a physical and digital package and is label co- founder Bulu’s first full outing on his own label. The package comes with a collaboration from Etch and remixes from Itoa & J-Shadow. Various Tempos run throughout here so could be picked up by an array of DJ's and it should!Picks of the bunch from me are probably the half time antics of "Changing Places" and Itoa's remix of "Collide" in collaboration with Etch.Big things!

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