A look at Seppa's latest madness 'I Take It Back'A look at Seppa's latest madness 'I Take It Back'

A look at Seppa's latest madness 'I Take It Back'

Bristol based Sandy aka Seppa (formerly known as Duskky) is back on Wonk#ay Records with this absolute flamer of a track ‘I Take It Back’ as a free download! Seppa is best known for his impeccable neuro sound design, chunky drums, interesting sampling and 'lowslung' grooves.

He is also one half of the infamous Slug Wife duo/label who’ve recently been taking the world by storm with their releases and touring the US of A!

A few words about “I Take It Back” .

This eerie lil' number has got teeth, don't be fooled by the low key atmospheric vibes in the intro, it goes straight for the jugular with rasping basses and stuttered stabs. This tune's got the classic Seppa snap n thud to the drums with groovy drum breaks loosely shuffling over the top to give some feeling and space to the beat .

Samurai Breaks’s top 5 Seppa tracks

Seppa - B’Yo

Jeez... This tune is just too much, such a catchy hookline and so much funk… when I think of ghetto funk this is what I imagine it as... actually thuggin' as F#CK but with so much swagging funk goodness .

Seppa - Mostly

More lowdown sleazy grooves from Seppa, this one's so cool, really reminds me of really old-school funk vibes re-chopped over chunky bass bumps... wicked wicked track.

Seppa - Trojan

This is the first tune i ever heard from Seppa, before it was announced it was the new alias for dusky and it really blew me away, so fresh, so aggressively produced but still with bump n roll... I was trying to find out who was behind the Seppa alias for ages, showing my mates trying to work out who it could be.

This tune flirts between halftime and full-time D&B drums with precision cuts... absolute weaponry in the dance .

Seppa - Conk

This one is wild, wacky synth work all round, so many crazy flows gradually building and layering up into pure madness. I love the falling percussion, some kind of clave-y/high tom layering and pitching all over the place, teamed with a thudding backbone of bass!! This is a wicked track, it really takes you on a journey .

Kursa & Seppa - Atma

Power bubbles driving you onward into the abyss, this one's some serious space flight material, such a simple but effective bassline, this would get spiritual on a really big rig.

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