A look at Shield's Airports LP
05/02/2019 | Vincent Taimiot

A look at Shield's Airports LP

The Airports LP deliver to this audience a good dose of smooth and round basses directly injected in intravenous.

The producer Shield, known for being a true soldier of the Halftime sub-genre, has released this his Airports, an LP not distributed by a label.

Effectively, it’s hard to find a label that will be inadequate with this LP so the sounds are unconventional. These basselines sounds like (and look like if we refer to the visual) we are in summer and it feels good to have this impression in January.

Viking Journey

Shield starts this released with Viking Journey. This track has probably the melody that sticks in the head the most like a track from Sub Focus.


The second track is Drumkit. The particularities of this track is the use of acoustic drum’s elements, a subtle wobble on the bassline and the use of a FX sound at setback.


Unlike to the previous tracks, the third one untitled Telephones seems to have an obvious title that is justify from the start of the track. No time for foreplay, the song had a really short intro and keeps on the beat that is decorated with some 8bits sounds, vocoded voices and old school telephone sounds samples.

Gospel Glitch

The next song is Gospel Glitch and is untitled like this because there is an organ synthesizer. This song grooves a lot thanks to the bassline and the drum with the organ chords.


Horrormovie (Shuffle Edit), the 5th track, as the title can let it imagine, is developing a gloomy atmosphere thanks to samples like the sound that seems to came from The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (the sound of camera) or the alarming laughter and some unrecognisable FX.


Vatos is more focus on the FX sounds and developing also a gloomy aspect with the voice samples that are on various musical notes.


The following track is Skateboards. Actually, with this track, even if the report with the title is not necessarily obvious (but legitimate anyway by the voice sample in the middle of the track), I can pretty well imagine myself with this track on my headphones and skating in the streets of San


Francisco. Shield, on this track, gets closer to the Hip Hop origins of Halftime Beat. Indeed, this title is more focus on the melody on consistent with the drums elements.


Slavik, the next track, goes well with the previous track. Still focus on the drums elements and the melody. Close to Hip Hop/Trap music, this track take its identity to the synthesizer's song that sounds really... slavik.

Dank Drip

The last track Dank Drip is refocuses on the drums and the bassline like the first title of the LP. Groovy and funky with atmospheric sounds, this track close the LP as it began.

It feels good to listen deep tracks that are close to their Hip Hop origins like Shield is used to making. Fervant defender of the return to basics as Ivy Lab but in a different way, Shield deliver with this release another variation of what is the part of Hip Hop in Halftime Beat sub-genre.

Vincent Taimiot(Leader Killer)

Old & new school Bass Music melomaniac, Vincent was assistant broadcasting on different radio stations in France (Rinse France) and on English radios (Reprezent Radio).