A glimpse of Skylark's Ergo and Pressure Points on DIVIDIDA glimpse of Skylark's Ergo and Pressure Points on DIVIDID

A glimpse of Skylark's Ergo and Pressure Points on DIVIDID

DIVIDID is an independent record label based in The Netherlands. The label was started by Mark McCann (ABIS), Jonathan Kievit (IMANU), and Lars Dingeman for a fresh output of Drum & Bass.

The newest release showcases the sound of up-and-comer Skylark and a collaboration with gyrofield, a relatively new producer coming out of China. The EP consists of two tracks which nod towards the darker style of Drum & Bass production, with thick rolling basslines and quick technical drum programming.

Ergo (Ft. gyrofield)

gyrofield’s collab starts off in an atmospheric state, with a vocal hit reminiscent of Commix's 'Be True' slowly gliding into the fray. Just before the drop, there is a drum roll which I love - it throws you into a deep drop with “skitsey” drums and a pad slowly evolves in the background. This song is extremely smooth and will sit nicely in what I would class as a nu-liquid genre set. The way it builds up is great and guides the listener on a journey created by the artists.

Pressure Points

A solo track by Skylark, again they have used a very atmospheric intro with small FX twists and hits before dropping into a rolling smooth drum and bass tune. This song uses a hit similar to the vocal cut used in the collab to create an interesting groove for the track. A definite head-nodder, and something which would sit very nicely in a dark tech drum and bass set.

All in all, a great release from two really promising artists. Definitely worth copping for DJs who mix dark-tech Drum & Bass. You can listen/buy the release here.

Harry Taylor(Høst)

Beats producer from the UK.