Highlights from Sleeveless x Saturate 'Saturated Warriors!'
16/01/2019 | Sam Langley

Highlights from Sleeveless x Saturate 'Saturated Warriors!'

Kicking off 2019, the right way, Sleeveless & Saturate Records recently released a bewildering compilation which captures some insanely diverse sound design.

Our very own Samurai Break's sheds some insights to his top 5 picks from the release...

JLEON & KOWTA - Loaded

Flipmode Skwad! This tune is absolutely LETHAL.

Wicked vocal cuts and foley use with a gangland rhythm, this one really pushes ya over the edge, serious hard hitting bass design and tense synth work keep the mood on point! This one's set to cause some serious damage in the dance .


Malfunctions in the ping pong factory from Australia's weirdest rodent. The sound design on this tune is just out of this world, those weird fluctuating 'clip-clop' pops constantly switching and pulling you further down the ra(bbi)t hole.

ColtCuts - Airport s

Ruthless bass weaponry... Jeezo! This one comes in HOT. Huge build up riffs to get you hyping, then slip slap snap and you been bust in the jaw with that big bad bass, such a satisfying chunky weight!

Don't worry though that ain't it, Coltcuts gets his wild flex out, cutting, warping and bending that catchy simple riff in lots of diff ways to keep you guessing "whats next?" and throwing some cyberdelic shapes on the dance-floor .

Pigeon Hole - We Run U

Building up with some weirdo acid bubbles and infectious vocals, this one comes correct with a catchy bass melody switching between multiple gritty bass sounds. Pigeon Hole’s gone seriously wild on this one, some of the fills and sound design malfunctions used in here are absolutely UNREAL! There’s a 7 out of 5 chance this will cause drastic facial mutations for the over 30’s .

THRPY & Dj Ride - On Lock

Such a hollow bass flex! Absolutely love that sound. Proper pounding 808 kicks and then that murky bass wubble, wow it just has no top end and I love it for that. You don't always need crispiness in your basses kids. Add in those funky metallic percs, echoed vocal licks and out of this world synth design and you’re set for a journey into the 17th realm of reality, watch out for the 2nd drop… Things get even weirder with some ridiculous pitch bending synths and robotic switch ups.

Sam Langley(Samurai Breaks)

Uk based uptempo producer. Smashing apart the genres and jamming all the juicy bits together into a high energy, euphoric sweaty mess.