Some real talk with NvctveSome real talk with Nvctve

Some real talk with Nvctve

Nvctve has been on my radar and his releases with AURASI and Ignite Recordings are no joke. This one’s picking up the pace at an alarming rate. Very excited to see where his creativity takes him.

I’d say 10-15% of the halftime I’ve been listening to is from young producers under the age of 21, and there’s one in particular I’ve had my eye on... Lets find out a bit more about Nvctve.

Tell the folks a bit about yourself?

:Before I say anything, just wanna put out that my alias is pronounced like the word 'Invective'. Now that’s out of the way, time to introduce myself. My name’s Chase, and I’m a 15 year old music producer based in Massachusetts, in the United States. I also mainly have a musical background in drums and percussion. I’ve been using Fl Studio for most of the time that I’ve been taking music production seriously."

How long have you been producing? What sparked you to ride this music path?

"I’ve been producing for 2 years now, and I think I’m just now starting to get the hang of things. Got into producing mainly from listening to some of the more popular names In drum and bass such as Noisia and Black Sun Empire back in I’d wanna say, maybe around 2015…. (Yes, I’m pretty new to the genre compared to others and I’m aware of that). From those names, I moved on to listening to more and more people in the scene and thought “Hey, this stuff sounds cool, I wanna try making it.” I don’t really make much D&B now because I can’t make it to save my life, even though I basically make stuff that’s half the tempo of drum and bass. Anyways, here I am now; making stuff I like to make and that other people end up enjoying too, which I can’t be thankful for enough! “

I peeped your track off Aurasi Collective and it's one of my favourites from you hands down. What was it like to get this tune up and ready for that release?

“Ay, thanks man! Spectre’s probably one of the tracks I’ve actually stayed proud of and haven’t gotten sick of yet. For that one, I wanted to make something a bit different from my usual stuff and would be way better than Null (because I despise Null, and it’s also my other track on Aurasi). A big inspiration for that track was probably Culprate, especially with tracks such as Animal and Mask. I wanted to make something dark and deep, but also heavy, and something that wasn’t a halftime track because I wanted some variety in my discography, and the final product ended up sounding pretty good. I kinda wish I knew beforehand that Monuman would have a track called Spectre before I named it that, though..“

What are some things we can expect from you? Any releases or other big plans?

“I’m hoping there will be quite a bit to expect from me. I got a track dropping on the 28th with Ignite Recordings, and I plan on making (and hopefully finishing) an EP with around 5 or 6 tracks I hope. I also wanna drop a few collabs and some remixes along the way as well. Of course, finishing tracks isn’t really my strong suit, so I’m hoping that I get really lucky this year, and stuff does actually get done for the future.“

What are your top 5 favourite beats at the moment?

At the moment, my top 5 favourite tracks are:

  • - SUSP3C - Oxana
  • - IT HZ - Disgust
  • - Proxima - Mutate
  • - Monuman - Blossoms
  • - Ascent - Forsythe

Who right now has been inspiring you?

“My main inspirations at the moment have been Chee, Copycatt, Kursa, and Skope.

Blair McGloiry(Zimbu)

L.A. based beat-maker.