Subsequence impresses with his Debut LP, Sin AestheticSubsequence impresses with his Debut LP, Sin Aesthetic

Subsequence impresses with his Debut LP, Sin Aesthetic

Subsequence finally brings us his full-length LP, Sin Aesthetic! These ten gritty, emotive, moving tracks released on Aspire Higher are nothing short of top quality and feature some of his long time collaborators and friends including Ekomsdub and Symbiosa.

All tunes are powerhouses in their own rights, and it’s a pleasure listening as the pieces flow effortlessly into each other.

Sin Aesthetic embodies five years of Subsequence’s dedication and hard work to his craft. He describes his inspiration to be about bipolar disorder, social dissonance and colourful visions through sound, which is demonstrated through the likes of hip-hop, IDM, dubstep, and blends of all three. This unique take on electronic music lives remarkably through Subsequence’s powerful voice.

What I really love about Sin Aesthetic is how Subsequence shows how he is crossing paths with the digital world and the organic one. Many of these tracks are full of instances that bring us a surprisingly human moment in an otherwise digital landscape. For example, in Transmission, the complex, trip-hop style drums are interrupted by a groove that has been laid onto a full drum kit which makes me feel that this track would lend itself well in a band setting. Other than this, Subsequence’s atmospheres and textures feel so real and tangible which lets his tracks breathe in such a believable space.

While some tunes have a more laid-back vibe on the record, others, such as Elegant ft Gred Ed and Amortentia are your more dance floor friendly club bangers which fit well into the dubstep genre with soaring basslines, gritty wobbles and heavy drums. These are sure to be crowd-pleasers the next time Subsequence graces the stage.

Have I been convincing enough? There is no reason you should sleep on Subsequence’s Sin Aesthetic LP out now on Aspire Higher!

Geoffrey Carter(G-Odyssey)

Writer at Rendah Mag