Let's talk about VALE's AXON Vol. ILet's talk about VALE's AXON Vol. I

Let's talk about VALE's AXON Vol. I

VALE has made it difficult for us this time. Axon Vol.1 is a collection of tunes that share as many distinctions to each other as they do similarities. All tracks share a sense of engaging storytelling where the kind of story being told, the ‘mood’ if you will, differs greatly.

Where each of the pieces tilts heavily towards exhibiting intricate sound-design, the collection also pertains to the diversity that VALE likes to keep in their collection; not shying away from a focus on daring design, creative composition, and many other thought provoking side steps that don’t really care about the word ‘genre’.

Chrispy Chriz x voljum - Unbounded

The opening of Unbounded gives off a powerful sense of ‘unveiling’. Like synthesized curtains being parted, showing us only glimpses of the sweepage that is to come. The track is multi-faceted, and for it’s first climax the word sweepage seems to be the perfect fit. All across the spectrum sound seems to be billowing and undulating in and out of hearing range. When suddenly - it stops. Clearing the way for a buildup to a funky breakbeat that flips the tune’s story upside down. No spontaneous silence to progress to the final swoopage this time, it’s dramatic, powerful, organic drums that serve as a counter to the barrage of impacts that is the track’s final part. An interesting story, with many sides, this one.

DeeZ x Smigonaut - Future Execute

While FE’s intro invokes mystique, the drop leaves nothing to the imagination. Furious, crunchy synths get slapped around by a super snappy snare. A groovy switch follows, before the track breaks down. I much prefer the second part to this song. The reeses and synths are granted more time in the spotlight and their independent strength really comes to its own here, where exuberant warping seemingly breaks the sounds open from within. Very heavy.

Poseidon x Æterna - Halls of Iris

Ahh, last time I had the chance to review a track by these two it turned out to be my favourite track of the four. These two have the kind of chemistry that builds worlds. This track is no different. Music like this makes me think in colors and memories. Memories of feelings of nostalgia. Super meta, but that’s the closest I can come to describing it. This piece gave my thought process film dust. With Halls of Iris P&Æ created a journey. Something they seem to have a knack for.

Uprising x Leon Ross - Divinity

Divinity wants me to freak out about it. It plays with anticipation, tension and release. Echoing voices amidst ever rising soundscapes. Everything has a very crisp and tin taste to it. Its urgent rhythms have little gripe, which flawlessly succeed in retaining interest throughout the song. It’s the most energetic song of the four, and one to sure create a lot of hype on the dance-floor.

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