Zain Wolf brings us his SERVICE INDUSTRY EPZain Wolf brings us his SERVICE INDUSTRY EP

Zain Wolf brings us his SERVICE INDUSTRY EP

Another breathtaking release on SATURATE.

A man who describes himself as “Undoubtedly Chee’s #1 fan since his birth”, Zain Wolf is here to bring us a fascinating new EP entitled Service Industry. Released on the highly reputable, Saturate Records, Zain Wolf delivers a non-stop, bass fueled adventure. This up and coming producer from South Africa proves that he is one to look out for with each track on this release.

When I asked him about this body of work and where his ideas stem from, he told me that each track on the EP relates to the customer types he deals with at his job as a coffee barista. Zain describes it as a funny but insulting way to highlight his ridicule in the service industry. I knew in the back of my head that this had to have some sort of concept behind it when I first listened, and I was not wrong.

What I love about this EP is that it shatters any preconceived notions about what “Bass music” should sound like. The opening track Customer Service threw me for a loop, when I was expecting a steady danceable banger, I got instead an emotional piano intro with loosely crafted arpeggios and a string section with an undeniably orchestral feel to it. It was completely unexpected (but not out of place) for an EP of this genre.

The transition between emotional landscape and groovy head-bobber is flawlessly executed in the next track Bodybreaker. In this tune I specifically love the sound design in his percussion. The drums feel so complex and textural, with loads of variation and ear candy throughout. In contrast to the relentless half-time groove, the outro on this track had a lo-fi vibe and jazz feel. I was transported.

It’s so hard to pick favorites in this release, but I feel that Moneymaker is a stand-out track. It has an ultra slow, laid back groove that delivers a gut punch with how much it slaps. I love the deep, distorted basslines along side the sporadic drum patterns that it brings, and it’s classic track arrangement.

The next tune, Consumer Complaints, is a keyboard interlude which sets the listener up for the next part of the EP. Facelifter, the following track, excels in its unique bass design and eerie atmospheric intro. What I love about this particular tune is the final section that hits you with a breakbeat speed and adds some interesting variation and development.

It’s definitely difficult to describe the final piece, Blameshifter, a seven and a half minute anthem that I feel encapsulates Zain Wolf’s production abilities. It has influences in hip-hop, IDM, glitch hop, and breakbeat that flow seamlessly together without a hitch. It's a great note to end the EP on and worth listening to more than a few times.

The full release drops on May 26th over at SATURATE's Bandcamp. Be sure to get yourself a copy!

Geoffrey Carter(G-Odyssey)

Writer at Rendah Mag