06/09/2018 | Kieran May

Manchester based electronic/beats producer releases his newest EP ‘Under/Over’ which expresses and further carves his sound in the underground world of bass n’ beats. This EP features the perfect combination of bass driven beats, garage & experimental electronic music.

11/08/2018 | Sam Langley

Paige Julia based in New Zealand caught my eye with her track Empha on the recent Forest Odyssey Compilation on Forest Biz, a raw and beefy low end 808 assault on the senses, so when I was sent through her follow up EP for review I was very excited to delve into the tracks.

07/08/2018 | Rosh Parmar

Vhsceral is back with another masterpiece on Renraku, The 7 track EP combines his popular distorted lo-fi sound with some incredibly wonky synth-work. Our very own Rosh Parmar shares his analogy of the release.

05/07/2018 | Hajo Krijger

Our very own Hajo Krijger shares an explicit analogy of the new Eidolon EP out on VALE. ÆTERNA, Poseidon & Leon Ross have clearly put a lot of work into it's creation and we even asked the guys a few questions about the release.

19/06/2018 | Hajo Krijger

Noisia's own Division Records just released the 5th edition of their 'Partial' series and it's everything you ever wanted & more. Our very own Hajo Krijger shares his in-depth analogy of the release.