25/01/2019 | Arun Chakal

Julian Shamou is an artist who has been shaped heavily by both his personal struggles and the Detroit party scene in the ‘90s. Julian played a key role in the formation of Ghettotech as a genre as opposed to solely a style of DJing.

28/12/2018 | Dan Jones

The mysterious duo recently released their 11 track debut 'Wanderland', An album that encompasses the journey they have been through and somehow manages to transfer these chaotic, yet oddly liberating emotions to the listeners.

05/12/2018 | Dan Jones

It’s always good to see an artist develop his sound. One man making some noticeable movements this year is Ankou. We had a chat with the man himself about his recent tracks & plans for the future.

17/09/2018 | Blair McGloiry

Nvctve has been on my radar and his releases with AURASI and Ignite Recordings are no joke. This one’s picking up the pace at an alarming rate. Very excited to see where his creativity takes him.

14/09/2018 | Dan Jones

Manchester based producer GEMO has a style to take note of. We had a catch up to talk about his latest productions & plans for the future.

23/07/2018 | Dan Jones

Rohaan has been on our radar for a while now. With his recent features on a Team Supreme cypher & a release with Circus Records, We thought we'd ask this guy a few questions.

22/07/2018 | Kieran May

Upcoming Latvian producer and illustrator Kusmo has consistently been on the radar with his SoundCloud uploads, taking heavy influences from hip hop, trip hop and halftime to construct his signature sound.

25/06/2018 | Dan Jones

Last year, Kurve released his Dimension EP on Forest Biz. Now, some recognisable sounds return with the Kurve Dimension Remix EP, featuring remixes from 5 artists currently smashing their way through the scene.

13/06/2018 | Dayle Hamers

Dayle kick-starts his new concept 'Get To Know' featuring short interviews with new producers in the scene, the first one being Subp Yao.

04/06/2018 | Dan Jones

This year VALE has been pushing the boundaries with their weekly features, fund raisers & recently releasing their first EP. We had a chat with the head honcho's to get an understanding of who & what they are.