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Dialling in with Venuq & LusoDialling in with Venuq & Luso
Kit Dalton

Teaming up for a multifaceted conceptual project titled 'Coins only'. Leeds based artists Venuq and Luso travelled to various locations to record this ambitious, leftfield endeavour.

Behind: Unchained AsiaBehind: Unchained Asia
Kit Dalton

Flowing against the busy rush of conventional bass-focused labels, and bringing to the forefront a new generation of artists and sounds, Unchained continues to expand through a combination of unparalleled passion, proactiveness and an innovative aesthetic.

Sigrah releases his 'This Is Letting Go' LPSigrah releases his 'This Is Letting Go' LP
Harry Taylor

With over 10 years in the game, US based producer Sigrah brings us a brand new, breathe taking LP. We had a conversation following the release to gain some insights into his ideas behind it, and his creative outlook.

Catch up with Bengal SoundCatch up with Bengal Sound
Dan Jones

With just 3 years in the game, Bengal Sound has been putting his sound to use across multiple concepts. With his recent release on Innamind Recordings, and pushing the 'Culture Clash' concept, we had a quick catch up to get some more info on his previous work, and plans for the future.

A moving story of soap.'s entrance to musicA moving story of soap.'s entrance to music
Dan Jones

Aidan Francis D’isa is an artist that has been bringing his vocalist talent and lo-fi inspired beat-making abilities together to create something really special. The following is a moving story as told by him, about his entrance to music.

A word with Ankou & Nevaeh on their latest SingleA word with Ankou & Nevaeh on their latest Single
Dan Jones

Hailing from Poland, our next Premiere brings an immersive journey from Ankou & Nevaeh, titled 'Out Of Body Experience'.

In conversation with ÀbáseIn conversation with Àbáse
Dan Jones

A man inspired by Budapest's Hip-Hop and DJ culture from a young age, pushing the boundaries with a wide range of instruments, Àbáse sits down with us to talk about his introduction to music, latest releases and plans for the future.

5 years of Forest Biz5 years of Forest Biz
Dan Jones

A label that outlines so many styles, and so many artists, Forest Biz has been consistent with putting out solid top-quality releases over the last 5 years. We sat down to have a chat with head honcho BadJah to gain some insights into his past favourites, and plans for the future.

In the realm with RohaanIn the realm with Rohaan
Kit Dalton

It appears Rohaan never sleeps. Backed with an extensive catalogue of with heavy weight releases, he came into 2019 armed to the teeth, dropping 14 records in 12 months.

Looking at Mad Zach's 'Fortress' Remix EPLooking at Mad Zach's 'Fortress' Remix EP
Harry Taylor

Mad Zach & Plasma Audio have employed a whole roaster of heavy hitter producers for this remix EP, with the likes of Dub Phizix, Hybris, Safire, yunis & Chee all contributing to a substantial release.

A conversation with Anthony BaldinoA conversation with Anthony Baldino
Matthew Smith

Born and raised in New York, Anthony Baldino is an LA-based composer and sound designer whose work spans an enormous range of production avenues.

A word with MVRKA word with MVRK
Dan Jones

We had a word with MVRK about his 'Warp Speed' EP on Vandal Records, and his plans for the future.

Alone with... allloneAlone with... alllone
Kit Dalton

Austrian producers alllone's rise to prominence hasn't gone unnoticed. With a steady live performance schedule, and a consistent line of releases, including being a part of Ivan Shopov́'s ‘Kanatitsa' remixes album, the pair of rising producers have had a busy year to say in the least.

A word with DripgirlA word with Dripgirl
Kit Dalton

Dripgirl's music sets you on a hallucinogenic journey through waves of syncopated percussion and swathes of lucid ambiences, laid by a variety of instruments with swirling textures and timbres. All of which is smothered in classic analogue warmth.

At home with HollyAt home with Holly
Kit Dalton

With the launch of his most recent EP, Avenal 2500 on Deadbeats and celebrating the release upon a rooftop in New York, Holly delivers a mixed genre project to the applause of his eagerly awaiting audience.

no puls talks Flatline Flow Vol. 5no puls talks Flatline Flow Vol. 5
Kit Dalton

Blending rich textures with a hypnotic percussive swing, no puls uses an unorthodox sound choice of wonky basslines and ambience laid by the eastern influenced scales.

A word with AxHA word with AxH
Dan Jones

AxH has been carving his sound for some time. Following the release of his 'Unleashed' EP with Gremlinz and 'Send 4 The Steppers' with Dayzero, we had a chat about his influences, background story and plans for the future.

LITLBIRD talks life and TEFLON_exeLITLBIRD talks life and TEFLON_exe
Dan Jones

One man bringing us consistent movements. LITLBIRD catches up with us on his story so far.

The past, present & future of DETThe past, present & future of DET
Kit Dalton

DET has been known to turn heads since his 2013 track 'Voyager' was uploaded to Inspector Dubplate. From there, the exciting newcomer quickly became a staple name with releases on INSPECTED/RENRAKU/VALE experimenting with every genre along the way.

Aiming the lens at DolenzAiming the lens at Dolenz
Kit Dalton

He visualises a film to uphold cohesiveness in an album, and creates artwork with a custom camera that takes a picture every eight minutes, strengthening the initial concept of the album; Dolenz thinks about what he delivers.

A peek into the mind of MISSINA peek into the mind of MISSIN
Dan Jones

With his entrance on the bass-filled battlefield in December last year, MISSIN, one of Serbia's smoothest, has quickly become a name not to be ignored. With releases on MethLab, Delta9 and DIVIDID all within a span of a couple of months, it would be unwise if we didn't take the time to catch up.

Insights with Jon CaseyInsights with Jon Casey
Dan Jones

Jon Casey has been blessing us with all kinds of crazy music over the last few years. We had a chat with the man himself about his journey through music and some insights from his latest release, the 'On The Storm' EP.

A word with SKEW on 'Cyborg Rising'A word with SKEW on 'Cyborg Rising'
Harry Taylor

Skew has been making some noise on the halftime/beats scene over the last couple of months and his release on Saturate is no exception, with a solid nod towards to legends of the scene like Eprom, Perez & G Jones.

Some 'Fun Facts' with SmolSome 'Fun Facts' with Smol
Harry Taylor

Smol's new release on VALE is a heavy beat tune with a psychedelic-like intro with the reversed noises and atmosphere leading into a huge distorted bass line with forest-like flutes following it underneath. We spoke with Smol regarding the single and what inspired him to make it.