Arun Chakal

Cosmic ink-slinger keeping his ears out for anything that can or cannot be comprehended sonically. Collector, selector and occasional knees-up director.


Lynch Kingsley - Astral Pulse / Capricorn (Foxy 5)Lynch Kingsley - Astral Pulse / Capricorn (Foxy 5)
Arun Chakal

Foxy Jangle brings back the junglist fever with Foxy 5, delivered by none other than Lynch Kingsley. Our Arun Chakal shares his thoughts.

An elaborate discussion with Detroit's FilthiestAn elaborate discussion with Detroit's Filthiest
Arun Chakal

Julian Shamou is an artist who has been shaped heavily by both his personal struggles and the Detroit party scene in the ‘90s. Julian played a key role in the formation of Ghettotech as a genre as opposed to solely a style of DJing.