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Subsequence and His Sophmore Release, Freak(uency)Subsequence and His Sophmore Release, Freak(uency)
Geoffrey Carter

Subseqence is the name Brian Rothstein gives to his fast growing project of what he calls an “immersive, sub driven, synthetic energy exchange.” Utilising his skills as a multi-instrumentalist to incorporate an organic feel, he seamlessly blends this concept into the realm of electronic music.

A dive into Abelation’s newest release, the Catharsis EPA dive into Abelation’s newest release, the Catharsis EP
Geoffrey Carter

Released under the new and rising label, Outer Realms, owned by EDM’s mastermind, Minnesota, Abelation continues to amaze audiences with his latest work, Catharsis. It is clear that Abelation went above and beyond to perfect this EP to be something truly different in the bass music world.