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Ever studying the language of music and the music of language.



02/04/2019 | Hajo Krijger

VALE has made it difficult for us this time. Axon Vol.1 is a collection of tunes that share as many distinctions to each other as they do similarities. All tracks share a sense of engaging storytelling where the kind of story being told, the ‘mood’ if you will, differs greatly.

06/11/2018 | Hajo Krijger

I’m ashamed to admit that I’ve come into contact with Deft’s music not too long ago, by ways of ‘Emeralds’. I, the musical layman that I was, was trying to get a decent footwork collection and after adding 'Emeralds', didn’t really delve too deep into Deft himself.

05/07/2018 | Hajo Krijger

Our very own Hajo Krijger shares an explicit analogy of the new Eidolon EP out on VALE. ÆTERNA, Poseidon & Leon Ross have clearly put a lot of work into it's creation and we even asked the guys a few questions about the release.

19/06/2018 | Hajo Krijger

Noisia's own Division Records just released the 5th edition of their 'Partial' series and it's everything you ever wanted & more. Our very own Hajo Krijger shares his in-depth analogy of the release.