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Beats producer from the UK.


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A glimpse of Skylark's Ergo and Pressure Points on DIVIDIDA glimpse of Skylark's Ergo and Pressure Points on DIVIDID
Harry Taylor

DIVIDID is an independent record label based in The Netherlands. The label was started by Mark McCann (ABIS), Jonathan Kievit (IMANU), and Lars Dingeman for a fresh output of Drum & Bass.

Noer the Boy pushes boundaries with 'Forlorn Hope' LPNoer the Boy pushes boundaries with 'Forlorn Hope' LP
Harry Taylor

This release is a true reflection of Noer the Boy’s ability to make absolute slammers while simultaneously showcasing his abilities in masterful sound design.

Sigrah releases his 'This Is Letting Go' LPSigrah releases his 'This Is Letting Go' LP
Harry Taylor

With over 10 years in the game, US based producer Sigrah brings us a brand new, breathe taking LP. We had a conversation following the release to gain some insights into his ideas behind it, and his creative outlook.

Discussing Anti.Negative's 'ROOTS EP'Discussing Anti.Negative's 'ROOTS EP'
Harry Taylor

We found Anti.Negative's SoundCloud maybe a year ago and have been blown away by every release he’s kicked out since then, his style is endlessly innovative and inspiring. Any budding producer is doing themselves a disservice sleeping on this guy!

Looking at Mad Zach's 'Fortress' Remix EPLooking at Mad Zach's 'Fortress' Remix EP
Harry Taylor

Mad Zach & Plasma Audio have employed a whole roaster of heavy hitter producers for this remix EP, with the likes of Dub Phizix, Hybris, Safire, yunis & Chee all contributing to a substantial release.

Dusty Ohms' Waves From Within EPDusty Ohms' Waves From Within EP
Harry Taylor

This new offering, ‘Waves from Within’ is a fantastic piece of work showcasing his ability to mix raw Hip Hop elements with the sludgy, murky side of Halftime/Beats music which we absolutely love.

Let's look at Bolten M's 'El Heredero EP' on RenrakuLet's look at Bolten M's 'El Heredero EP' on Renraku
Harry Taylor

Renraku has been synonymous with intelligent-design beat music since the very start, and their latest 11 track offering from Bolten M really affirms that.

A word with SKEW on 'Cyborg Rising'A word with SKEW on 'Cyborg Rising'
Harry Taylor

Skew has been making some noise on the halftime/beats scene over the last couple of months and his release on Saturate is no exception, with a solid nod towards to legends of the scene like Eprom, Perez & G Jones.

Some 'Fun Facts' with SmolSome 'Fun Facts' with Smol
Harry Taylor

Smol's new release on VALE is a heavy beat tune with a psychedelic-like intro with the reversed noises and atmosphere leading into a huge distorted bass line with forest-like flutes following it underneath. We spoke with Smol regarding the single and what inspired him to make it.

A tribute to RazatA tribute to Razat
Harry Taylor

Portuguese producer Razat sadly passed away recently. If you didn't know Razat, he produced dark, glitchy bass music. He had releases with many of the biggest labels in the scene, namely Division, Saturate, Flexout Audio and he often released independently which gained him a solid following.

A chat with Corrupted about Audio Visual & MusicA chat with Corrupted about Audio Visual & Music
Harry Taylor

We spoke with Corrupted to find out more about the man behind the music. He kindly shared some insights to his background, his recent AV project and some things to look for in the future