Keelan Rushby(Uprising)

Australian based Neuro/dnb producer dedicated to the underground.


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A look at voljum & Devisored's new tracks on VALEA look at voljum & Devisored's new tracks on VALE
Keelan Rushby

If you asked me which label I thought was one of the most innovative at this point in time, constantly pushing boundaries further and further with each release, I'd have to say VALE.

Noer the Boy: Weekly single seriesNoer the Boy: Weekly single series
Keelan Rushby

For the past month or so Noer the Boy has been blessing us with his musical presence in the form of Weekly Singles.

Monuman's next move, 'The Polychoral EP'Monuman's next move, 'The Polychoral EP'
Keelan Rushby

It's already been a year since Monuman released the heartfelt 'end of days' on inspected.