Pierre Collie(Poztman)

Pierre Collie/Poztman is a producer from Bruges, interested in the weird and innovative scope of electronic music.


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A look at Subp Yao's 'Sum Output' EP A look at Subp Yao's 'Sum Output' EP
Pierre Collie

Subp Yao is a bass heavyweight hailing from the Netherlands. Not only a producer and DJ, but also the founder of electronic music event 'Depth'. Having released on Saturate, DIVISION, Renraku and many other labels, he's back for an EP with MethLab Recordings.

Delta9 come through with the 'Skull Breakers VA'Delta9 come through with the 'Skull Breakers VA'
Pierre Collie

Delta 9 Recordings gathered some bangers for a VA compilation that will make fans of Neurofunk rejoice. The label has been very engaged in increasing the presence of the creative, techy and heavy spectrum of Drum and Bass all around Europe.

Looking back at VALE's fall singlesLooking back at VALE's fall singles
Pierre Collie

VALE is the home for expressive and innovative bass music, growing as a trademark for quality Electronica, from House to Garage, Drum & Bass to Halftime. The label released 5 singles back in fall, furthering the diverse palette we all love VALE for.

Let's discuss Abstract Elements' Tenderness EP on MethLabLet's discuss Abstract Elements' Tenderness EP on MethLab
Pierre Collie

Russian Drum and Bass duo, Abstract Elements (Bop and Diagram) contribute their first EP to MethLab. They bring forth 4 tracks that all fall under a fresh Drum and Bass mantle, neatly fit in what they would like to call Buckweath Funk (ГРЕЧАФАНК): a dark left field relative of Neurofunk.

Discussing the PREVALE V.A. fundraiser compilationDiscussing the PREVALE V.A. fundraiser compilation
Pierre Collie

Aside from providing refreshing left-field music, this release was also set up as a fundraiser for Austrian producer Voljum, to help him get a new laptop, continue pursuing his career and share his talent with the world.

A look at yunis' Depth EP on MethLabA look at yunis' Depth EP on MethLab
Pierre Collie

German beatsmith yunis lands a new EP on Methlab Recordings, perfectly fitting the thought-provoking and gloomy sonics of the label.

A look at Hybris' latest singleA look at Hybris' latest single
Pierre Collie

Hybris delivers us a new single on his left-field outlet, Pseudoscience Recordings. The sixth installation packs two drum and bass tracks, both flavored by the Czech-based sonic experimenter.