Dusty Ohms' Waves From Within EPDusty Ohms' Waves From Within EP

Dusty Ohms' Waves From Within EP

This new offering, ‘Waves from Within’ is a fantastic piece of work showcasing his ability to mix raw Hip Hop elements with the sludgy, murky side of Halftime/Beats music which we absolutely love.

Throughout the release, you will hear samples recorded in Japan, Blended with suitably mangled beats. Each track was crafted on an old dusty 12 channel mixer used in conjunction with assorted analog hardware and effects- Dusty Ohms

This is a recurring theme in Dusty’s production. I thoroughly enjoyed listening to this in its entirety and found that each track had elements to inspire while also allowing for ‘food for thought’ throughout.


We are introduced to this release through Dusty’s first offering ‘Shirokane’. This track is a head bopper which showcases his Hip Hop side with a fantastic mix of ethereal pads and twisted dark stabs. The ‘Boom Bap’ styled drums work perfectly with a rumbling low-end and creates the scene of what is to come with the release. This song employs elements we see in the current hip-hop inspired halftime scene. The lead which kicks in later in the track I personally love. Every song works sonically in conjunction with each other perfectly.

Back in the Bits

The noises in this track are mad! It sounds just like a bird in the jungle, however dusty has managed to use this to create a brilliant, unique rhythm to the track, I love the way the pad comes in and just separates the beat while keeping true to the style and aesthetic of the track. Again, this harps back to Dusty’s passion/inspiration from Hip Hop. The texture’s used in this track really deliver, creating the sense of exploration and mystery.This track I could listen to repeatedly and when I do, I found another thing I love about it. Very inspiring, while being dark and ‘uncomfortable’.

South Street Slippin

The heavy East coast influence on this song we hear straight from the beginning. The piano creates that sense of dread we are accustomed to from artists such as Big L, Big Pun and Gangstarr. The drums are so dank and different from what we have previously, with them kicking in like a burst from a semi-automatic machine gun. Dusty’s utilisation of pads throughout this release has been great and the application of this heavy sawtooth pad really hits the mark for me. The prolonged sustained notes used here are very emotive and create an interesting vibe to the track, while simultaneously developing one’s feeling of paranoia. This one is a head bopper and something to listen to while whipping round the ends at night.

Liquid Squares

This track is the one & my personal favourite on the release. It conjures the feeling of being followed, again employing Adam’s mastery of creating dark, ominous textures. This one is one for the USB Sticks and wouldn’t stick out in any dark half time styled set. The FX send the listener on a journey while the bass keeps one grounded and on a continued path.

Heavy Hearts

This song starts with a rolling kind of string before jumping in with 808’s and again the sawtooth like pad. I love how this one progresses, and I think I would say is my personal favourite of the release. The way everything interacts on this track is great with elements of Hip- hop & trap production working in harmony with each other. You can fully hear the Japanese influence of this track; the rolling string instrument works perfectly with the rest of the sounds in this track and create a multi influenced piece of hip hop perfection. The knock on the drums is worth noting on this track as well. They beat over the mix so dominatingly.

Adam has excelled on this release and created something which I personally will be playing for a long time.

Harry Taylor(Høst)

Beats producer from the UK.