Samurai Breaks releases his 'Putting in Werk' EPSamurai Breaks releases his 'Putting in Werk' EP

Samurai Breaks releases his 'Putting in Werk' EP

Samurai Breaks is as true to his name as steel. He may have dropped the tempo on 'Putting in Werk', but by all means has the intensity and rowdiness we so fondly associate with him.

This EP captures the spirit of hardcore with 4 dance floor ready belters including a collaboration with Private Caller that are capable of provoking impulsive body movement.

There’s always a need for mischief in a sober world, the new generation bear the torch for the underground and never had the liberty of experiencing the 90s rave era. Now is their time.

Revival or continuum, whatever you want to call it, artists such as Samurai Breaks are breathing new life into the scene and part of what makes it so special is that many of these samples aren’t new, they’re classic sounds at the foundation of the underground music landscape, yet they’re still so exciting and full of character.

Samurai Breaks' 'Putting in Werk' EP is out now, and available to purchase here.

Arun Chakal

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