Subsequence and His Sophmore Release, Freak(uency)Subsequence and His Sophmore Release, Freak(uency)

Subsequence and His Sophmore Release, Freak(uency)

Subseqence is the name Brian Rothstein gives to his fast growing project of what he calls an “immersive, sub driven, synthetic energy exchange.” Utilising his skills as a multi-instrumentalist to incorporate an organic feel, he seamlessly blends this concept into the realm of electronic music.

Based out of Boston, MA, Subsequence has been involved in many shows across New England, working with promoters such as Electric Impulse (Equinox Music Festival) and has plans to expand his network to reach as many audiences as possible.

To Brian, Subsequence has always been a direct reflection and reaction to trauma and mental illness, very much making it a goal to spread awareness. This idea is reflected in his dark, moody, energy fueled beats and sonic landscapes which he perfects with his knowledge of sound.

Freak(uency) is the name given to his sophomore single in which he delivers nothing short of an impressive second release. This track has a very laid back feel at around 70/140bpm which is complemented with heavy percussion elements in the drops that drive the tune forwards.

The overall atmosphere of the intro has a dark, organic feel to it. It explores great textures along the way, and showcases classic synth sounds. As we progress further, we experience a drop that’s groovy enough to bob our heads to, making this a certified banger that translates well on packed dancefloors. The washed out silence that follows the first drop makes for great contrast which sets up for another, equally as powerful.

Subsequence is currently showing no signs of slowing down. With an arsenal of future releases under his belt, he is definitely one to keep an eye out for into the new year.

Geoffrey Carter(G-Odyssey)

Writer at Rendah Mag